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How the founder of Playboy Magazine Hugh Hefner lived and died.


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Every man dreams of living such a life. The most beautiful girls in the world, a magnificent mansion in Los Angeles, wealth and success made this man a world-class star. 27 September 2017, Hugh Hefner passed away at his home in 92's year of life.


According to the magazine Playboy in your official account Twitter, Hefner died for natural reasons, being surrounded by his friends and loved ones in that very famous Playboy mansion, Los Angeles Playboy Mansion. In January 2016, the mansion was put up for sale for $ 200 million, on condition that Hefner would rent it from the new owner. In August, businessman Daren Metropoulos became the owner of the house, who eventually bought it for $ 100 million.


Hugh Hefner had three wives - Mildred Williams, Kimberley Conrad and Crystal Harris. With the latter, he lived from 2012 to his death, being older than his wife by 60 years. The founder Playboy There are also four adult children: a daughter and three sons.


After the first divorce, which ended the ten-year marriage, Hefner remained a bachelor 30 years (from 1959 to 1989 years) - he had a lot of love affairs with beauties and models, but not a single constant companion. His second marriage alliance also lasted 10 for years and ended in parting.

Beginning with the 2000 year of twelve, Hugh Hefner lived in his unique mansion, where seven girls aged 18-28 lived with him. He was courting Crystal Harris for a very long time - the model refused to marry Hugh, but the wedding did take place at 2012, however, with a delay of a couple of dozen months. Crystal remained with Hefner until the end of his days.

Hugh, whom his friends gave the nickname Hef, was famous throughout the world, first of all, thanks to the men's edition PlayboyWith the release of which they associate the American sexual revolution of the fifties and seventies of the last century. The first issue was released in 1953 year, on its cover was Marilyn Monroe. Since then, the cover and pages of the glossy edition have been decorated with the most beautiful women of the world - completely without clothes or symbolically covering certain parts of the body.

Playboy For years, 70 has remained a significant and iconic brand, its logo is a rabbit in a bow tie - everyone knows, and the magazine is actively bought by men from all over the world.

Hugh is also known for his noisy parties, which he spent in the famous mansion. To be invited to his holiday meant to pull out a happy ticket.


Edition Bloomberg reported that Hefner dreamed of being buried next to Marilyn Monroe, whose cover photo had opened a voyage to the magazine (and Hugh himself).

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