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How a wife and four children will share Willie Tokarev’s inheritance in the USA and Russia



According to the lawyer, even during his lifetime, the chansonnier could distribute his property himself.

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Willy Tokarev said that he will live a very long time, but death does not spare anyone - in May he was hospitalized in one of the Moscow hospitals, and on August 4 died in intensive care at the age of 84 years, writes

The artist has a large family: a wife and two teenage children, two eldest sons from their first marriages, as well as two grandchildren. Despite the fact that the body of the chansonnier has not yet been interred, many of his fans are wondering: how will the family share the numerous property acquired by Tokarev for his long life.

Even without knowing the contents of the will that Willie left, we can be sure that he did not offend any of his relatives. He separated peacefully with his three ex-wives, helped them, took care of the children. His first son, a former member of the band “Tender May” Anton Tokarev, is already 53 years old, he lives in St. Petersburg, sings a chanson, like his father, and works on “Fashion Radio”. The son from his second marriage, Alex Tokarev, settled in New York, the last family of the Brighton Beach star lives there - wife Julia Bedinskaya-Tokareva, daughter Evelina (18 years) and son Milen (15 years).

It is they - the current wife and children - who by law are the heirs of the first stage, who would share the property of the late Willie, but how he shared his good between them - we can only speculate.

On the subject: The legend of Russian chanson with Brighton Beach Willy Tokarev died

The singer had apartments in Moscow, Crimea and New York

The largest “details” of Tokarev’s legacy are an apartment on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in Moscow worth approximately 35 million rubles, an apartment overlooking the embankment in Yalta and a yacht moored there, as well as a house in the USA where the widow and her children live.

In addition, one of the important components of Willy’s legacy is the copyright to his songs. It is already known that the same younger children and their mother will receive profit from them in equal shares. When the head of the family was alive, he admitted that he had enough of this money to spend his time in retirement and not work.

We don’t know how Tokarev distributed the rest of the property among his relatives. But the lawyer, family affairs specialist Andrei Sarychev, in an interview with correspondent, said that the artist, given his sharp mind, could well make sure that the fuss with the inheritance after his death was as small as possible.

That is, he could even make a will before the illness or after it, having determined a certain share for each heir. He might not have mentioned anyone at all in the will, since during his lifetime he had bought an heir, for example, an apartment or a house.

The chansonnier could have two wills

Considering that he had real estate both in Russia and in the USA, Tokarev could draw up two wills, each of which contains orders regarding property in the territory of a particular country.

“I think that we will not be mistaken if we say that the property located on the territory of Russia, the heirs will share here, according to our laws, and property on the territory of the United States will be divided there. And it is not a fact that if there is a will, the shares of the heirs who live there will be the same as here. First of all, because of the difference in the systems of legislation, ”Sarychev expressed his point of view.

According to him, the laws of the United States and each state individually have their own laws on the order of inheritance, and some details vary. For example, in the same state of New York, a wife after the death of her husband can decide how she wants to receive an inheritance - by law or in accordance with a will, and, accordingly, choose the most favorable option for her.

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