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As the wife of a Hollywood actor after a divorce became homeless


Source: The Daily Mail

The ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, the star of the hit TV series Baywatch, is clearly going through hard times. The woman was photographed in Los Angeles digging through trash cans, collecting other people's worn items in a supermarket cart.

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Loni Willison, who was married to Jackson for two years, seems to have become homeless, writes The Daily Mail. That blond fitness model, which she was in 2014, is completely unnoticed in today's exhausted and dried-up woman with a short haircut and obvious traces of dirt on her body.

37-year-old Jackson and 35-year-old Willison broke off their turbulent relationship in 2014. Allegedly, the actor and former alcoholic Jackson tried to strangle Willison in bed after a drunken brawl. Willison was seen pushing a big cart full of clothes, blankets, bags and other unidentified-looking items, in different parts of the city. The woman wore glasses, a baseball cap with a visor back, open sandals and a dirty long skirt with T-shirts and a scarf wrapped around the waist.

So she rummaged in her basket, pulled out a long yellow beaded necklace and wrapped it around her neck. Willison stopped near the blue trash cans to dig in the trash. She took several items and added them to the cart.

The fitness model married a TV series star in December 2012, at a private ceremony at a resort in Laguna Beach, California. Willison spoke out against her ex-husband in 2015 after Jackson was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK because of harassment of his colleague on the set, Chloe Goodman. Willison called for Chloe to file charges against Jackson.

In the audio recording received by MailOnline in 2015, you can hear Willinson scream in horror after Jackson tried to strangle and beat her, breaking two of his ribs, injuring her neck and scratching her body and face. Los Angeles police officers came on call, and later the star was accused of attempted murder, but Loni decided not to insist on the charges.

The day before the attack, Jackson sent Willison a frightening rap song that said, "I want to kill you."

In April last year, Jackson served time in prison for that 2015 incident of the year. He signed the parties' agreement on the case, but the court sentenced him to 270 days in the Los Angeles County prison and a five-year probationary period.

Jackson is now working as a personal trainer in Southern California.

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