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How to make the child respond to SMS: found the original solution


Source: Daily Mail

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Many parents were faced with a situation where their children ignore calls and do not respond to SMS. It makes you even more nervous and worried about the disobedient child.

Briton Nick Herbert is tired of the fact that his son does not constantly answer calls and messages. Working as a developer, he found an original solution how to get the child to immediately contact the parent. Daily Mail.

Nick is a caring, but at the same time very busy father. To keep in touch with his 13-year-old son, he created a mobile messaging app Reply ASAP.

This application works as follows: when a message arrives on the child’s phone, a loud siren turns on on the device, which will not turn off until the parent receives a response.

If the teen phone is turned off, a notification will be displayed on the screen, which will not turn off until a confirmation is entered. Also on the phone of the parent will be displayed, whether the child saw the message or not.

Now Nick Herbert sells his creation to all parents who need to follow the children.

A father told that his son began studying in London at Langley park school two years ago. The boy immediately bought a smartphone so that he was always in touch.

“I thought it would make communication easier, but it is not. In fact, he only plays games and does not answer calls. It drives me crazy, ”shared Nick.

Фото: Depositphotos

The father hopes that the application will help to communicate with his son. However, currently the application only works on Androidand Ben has a phone with IOS. Therefore, Nick is working to quickly launch the application and IPhone.

The process of creating the application was very expensive and took 8 months, but Herbert believes that it will pay for itself.

Install ReplyASAP costs 1,2 $ for tracking one person, $ 3,2 for four, $ 9 for ten, and $ 16,73 for spying on 20 numbers.

Nick Herbert believes that parents are likely to be happy with his invention, but teenagers will not be delighted. When he asked his son what he thought about the application, he did not answer, but he understood that he himself was to blame for his invention.

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