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How to remove puffiness of the eyelids after sleep in 10-15 minutes


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The causes of puffiness are different: lack of sleep, fatigue, fluid retention, crying the day before, bad habits and even malnutrition. Yellmed shared simple life hacks how to solve the problem in 10-15 minutes.

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Ice cubes, especially iced herbal tea, are great for swelling. The leaders are sage and chamomile.

Wrap the cube in a bandage and apply to closed eyelids for 1-2 minutes. If your eyes get too cold, take a short break and re-apply ice.

If you do not have time to stock up on ice cubes, use ordinary spoons. Hold the cutlery for several minutes under cold water, then lower them forever. Once the spoons have warmed, refrigerate them.


Preferably also cold. Cucumbers contain flavonoids and antioxidants that fight swelling, irritation, and redness.

Grate the vegetable, wrap in gauze and apply to eyes for 15 minutes. You can use chopped circles. But the first method is more effective.


This root crop will cope not only with edema, but also with dark circles. Due to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin K, potatoes strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restores a healthy color to the skin, evens out the tone and eliminates excess fluid.

There are two uses: potato slices and lotions with grated vegetable. Eye contact time is 15 minutes.

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Cream or milk

The nutrients rich in dairy products have a calming effect on the skin, moisturize it and relieve irritation. When cold, milk constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling.

Pour milk or cream into a small container and add ice. As soon as it cools, wet two cotton pads, squeeze slightly and put on eyes. We wet the cooled disks repeatedly. After 10-15 minutes of the procedure, the swelling will subside.

Aloe juice

The active components of aloe increase skin tone, improve blood circulation and remove the fluid accumulated in the "bags".

Apply aloe juice to the swollen areas, avoiding contact with eyes. You do not need to rinse off: the liquid is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue and a sticky feeling.

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Close your eyes and massage the upper part of the nose bridge with your index fingers - in the place where the glasses usually sit. Then gently move up to the outer end of the eyebrows. Better to do it with your thumbs.

Ideal completion of the massage will be patches for the eyes.

If edema has become chronic and no life hacks help, consult a doctor. Regular puffiness can be a symptom of endocrine, renal, or heart disease.

To prevent the appearance of edema, reconsider your lifestyle: relax more, sleep peacefully, eat right and forget about tears.

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