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How I lived and fed by the rules of Victoria Beckham and nearly stretched my legs


Source: Medialeaks

As an experiment, a blogger from Australia decided to live according to the healthy lifestyle rules promoted by Victoria Beckham for five days. The girl went in for sports several times a day, tried to completely eliminate unhealthy food from the diet and took a bunch of useful supplements.

And although at first the Australian felt great, by the end of the week her fighting spirit was replaced by shock from how the ex-lead singer of the Spice Girls manages to withstand such strict dietary restrictions and constant training, says Medialeaks.

Michelle Andrews is a journalist and blogger based in the Australian city of Melbourne. The girl runs a blog called The 20s Diary, where she shares her experiences in caring for physical and mental health, as well as fashion and career.

A couple of years ago, Michelle told Whinm about her experiment: the girl tried to live a week according to the precepts of a healthy lifestyle from ex-Spice Girls soloist Victoria Beckham. The Australian woman got the idea when she heard about the star's strict dietary and exercise practices.

Michelle started her experiment from one of Mondays. Like Victoria Beckham, she began her morning with drinking water, in which she added some apple cider vinegar. Then the Australian ran five kilometers, as Vicki does, and set off for breakfast. And this, of course, no pancakes and not even porridge.

“A bowl of sprouted cereal with organic almond milk (it tastes like cardboard soaked in water, as expected). At the same time, I swallow a bee saliva tablet (which is most identical to bee pollen - Victoria Beckham regularly takes this dietary supplement), which I could find within 20 kilometers. She smells awful, black and cost me $ 44. "

An Australian breakfast is really hard to name.

Next, she took a collagen pill and multivitamins. She ate sushi for lunch and lunch, then a dish of salmon with broccoli and peas, and then went to a strength training session. At that time, Michel, she said, felt great.

On Tuesday, however, things were not so rosy. The blogger decided to save time and instead of a smoothie made from fresh vegetables and fruits, as Victoria Beckham does, she made herself a drink from a powder, which was quite expectedly reflected in its taste.

At lunch, the girl was again salmon, but with a salad. Michelle’s lunch consisted of chicken breast and broccoli, and the Australian felt, in her words, a “mixture of health and arrogance.” However, during the second training session, she felt weak and after half an hour of classes went to bed.

On Wednesday, Michelle noticed a rather unusual side effect from life according to the rules of Victoria Beckham.

“This is the day of M. Menstruation, but also something else. After all that bee saliva, collagen, and god knows what in the multivitamins, my urine turned fluorescent yellow, like concealer yellow. I'm tired and in a bad mood, so I miss my morning workout. ”

And a little later, she completely went all out: she ate a bag of M & Ms, a steak with spicy fried noodles, and instead of playing sports, she poured a sea of ​​chocolate drink into herself.

However, on Thursday, the Australian was doing well and even went to a morning workout, after which she realized that willpower is not the only superpower of the Spice Girls star.

“How the hell does Victoria Beckham's hair always look clean? After jogging in the morning, I realized that I had never washed my hair so often in my life. Two workouts a day means I live in a world of sweat and fatigue. ”

Michelle survived the second lesson, although not without long breaks between exercises. The food was more difficult.

“At that moment, just the sight of salmon could make me scream, but Victoria Beckham would never scream at a dead fish, so I'm holding on. I miss dairy products. I want to cry".

On her last day of the experiment, the girl first followed all the rules: jogging, cereal, fish, bee saliva supplement. And then she could not stand it and dropped everything.

“I've never been so close to the stomach cubes, but it's absolutely not worth it. I fall on the couch with a two-liter can of ice cream and tell my boyfriend: "Victoria Beckham is not a person." And then I order myself a double cheese burger on UberEats, ”concluded Michelle Andrews.

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