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How I made a map of desires and all my dreams came true



The Universe fulfills our desires, if it is right to tell her about them, - says Alina Hess, motivator, blogger. She told how to make a Wish Card - one of the main visualization tools. We suggest that you postpone your "Plans and Tasks" and how to dream.

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What is a Wish Card?

Our reality creates our subconscious. That it brings to the universe our desires. Often the subconscious interprets our desires in its own way and conveys not what we need. But this process can be managed. For this you need to learn how to correctly formulate your request.

Time after time I am convinced that the Wish Card helps me with this. It represents a certain basis with our “Wishlist” in the form of pictures. With its help, visual images are created - the subconscious mind remembers them well.

The Wish Card has its own rules. And I will tell about them.

What desires does the card

Very responsible approach to the formation of their desires. On the Internet you can find a lot of “fashionable” cards with yachts and palaces pasted on them. Do not stick it on your card just because it seems beautiful to you.

Desires that you make not from your heart, either will not come true at all, or will come true, but not with you or not as you would like. Therefore, always listen to your soul, make sure that your desires evoke in you only pleasant emotions, and not a feeling of discomfort.

In this technique, a very important component is your energy, which you fill and charge your desires. You radiate this energy at the moment when you select pictures, then place them, look at them. It is very important! Therefore, I do not recommend making an electronic card.

How to make a Wish Card

The Wishes Card includes 9 equal sectors.

Each sector is related to a particular area, so it is very important to respect the boundaries

Pictures I suggest to choose on the Internet and print them on photo paper. It looks very neat and beautiful, there is an opportunity to fit all the pictures to one scale, and also to choose from the whole variety exactly what fits and finds response within you.

Card Center - Health Sector

In this sector right in the center we place our photo. The most important thing: the photo should make you happy emotions! Do not take photos from the sad events or moments when you felt unhappy.

Further in the same sector, around the perimeter of the photo, we place all the pictures related to health, sport, and beauty. Are you dreaming of a beautiful snow-white smile, toned sports body, good health? Find matching pictures and place next to your photo. How it should look, see below.

My example. I always wanted to pay enough attention to sports, but the gym never attracted me, and group fitness did not bring the desired result. I wanted to try myself in yoga, but it was not clear where and to whom to go. I placed my wish on the board. Less than a month later, I won a monthly yoga subscription. So I found a suitable group for myself and still continue to study.

Upper right quadrant - "Sector of love and relationships"

If you are searching:

  • Pick up pictures of happy loving couples, you can just photo (unfamiliar to you!) The person you would like your future companion (companion) to be like.
  • Do not stick in this sector photo of a real person who you like, but you do not know whether you like him. And in general, if you paste someone real, it is only with his consent, or if this is your spouse, with whom you have been married for a long time.

If in reality there is already a person to whom you feel sympathy, but for some reason you can not say about it, then paste in a photo of someone similar and, for example, from the back.

If there is already a second half:

  • Add photos of happy moments to this sector together.
  • Also for this sector will fit any pictures that symbolize love and harmony: hearts, flowers, a pair of swans or doves.

Middle Right Sector - “Sector of Children and Creativity”

An important rule: pictures of children sticking here only if you want to have them. If you have a child and you do not plan children anymore, do not glue either your own or someone else’s child.

  • If you have, say, a son and you dream of a daughter, then in this sector you glue the picture of a little girl, you do not need to glue the son there at all.

Also, this sector includes everything related to creativity. Maybe you want to learn how to sew, knit, embroider. Or learn to take pictures. Or learn to play the guitar / dance / make origami / stand on your head. All these desires can be glued to this sector.

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Lower right sector - “Assistants and Travel Sector”

In this sector, you can come off and give free rein to fantasy. Stick here all the places that you want to visit, even if they seem to be unattainable at the moment.

Since it is also called the “Assistant Sector”, you can stick a photo of your friends (for example, if you want to meet more often or dream about a joint trip somewhere). If you do not have friends and you would like them to be, pictures of friendly companies, joint hobbies, trips can help you.

Also in this sector, you can stick a photo of the group at a concert which you want to visit. Or a photo of the person who inspires you, your mentor. If you dream of moving to another country, then pick up a picture of the country you are interested in and glue into this sector, signing something like this: I moved permanently to the country I dream of.

My example. When I was making my first Wish Card, I came across a photo of a beautiful cruise liner in a magazine. This photo caught my attention so much that I decided to add it to the Travel Sector. I hid the map in an inaccessible place and forgot to think about the photo of the liner. A few months later my husband and I received an invitation to go on a cruise!

The most amazing thing is that the Roman Colosseum was pasted on my Wish Card there, in the “Travel Sector”. And our cruise began in Rome!

Lower Central Sector - Career Sector

In this sector, we place everything related to work or business. Career growth, sales growth, profit growth, salary increase - do not be shy, put all your dreams into real goals.

  • If you dream of opening your business - decide on the subject and pick up pictures that symbolize this activity.
  • If you already have a business and you want to develop it - select pictures that reflect the growth of customers and sales. For example, you have a clothing store. You can stick a picture with a shop window, and next is a queue. You can sign something like this: every day more and more clients come to me.

Lower left sector - “Knowledge Sector”

This sector symbolizes any knowledge, be it getting an education, attending any courses or just personal growth, spiritual development.

  • If you are still studying or wanting to enroll, you can paste a picture with the desired diploma or photo of the educational institution in which you want to study.
  • Also, maybe you have long been dreaming of learning a language, then you can safely paste a picture of language courses.
  • Maybe you want to learn how to drive and pass on the right, this also applies to this sector.

If you don't want any knowledge for yourself, maybe you have such wishes for your child? Then pick up suitable pictures and sign them with the following wording: I am glad that my child is doing well in school; I am glad that my child successfully entered / defended a diploma / received rights.

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Middle Left Sector - Family Sector

In this sector, you can glue photos of your children, husband and other family members, including pets.

Choose pictures that reflect happiness and harmony.

  • If you do not have your family yet, select pictures of the family that you would like to have.
  • Also, everything is suitable here for housing for you and your family: apartment, house or cottage; furniture, repairs, furnishings, pets you dream about - all here, in the family sector.

Upper Left Sector - “Wealth Sector”

I must say that you do not need to glue here.

  • Please skip all these enticing photos of suitcases of money, chests of gold and so on. Do not take this sector so literally!
  • If you really want to stick a wad of money or a hand with money, be sure to sign such pictures, because the interpretation can be ambiguous: that they give you money, and that you give them.

You can stick here the desire to get a premium at work, a salary increase or profit from the business. As well as any material values: cars, jewelry, telephones, household appliances, electronics, wardrobe items and so on.

Upper Central Sector - “Sector of Glory”

This sector always raises a lot of questions and difficulties. For some reason, a red carpet pops up with a paparazzi in my head, and you think: “Why do I need this sector?”.

In fact, this sector is a great opportunity to get a well-deserved reward for your abilities. Here you can arrange any diplomas, certificates, cups, thanks. Maybe you want to play in a movie, commercial or video? Maybe you want to see your photo in a magazine or even a whole interview?

My example. My brother, who works as a chef, placed his desire to play in the film in this sector, and after a short time, Channel One invited him to shoot a series of documentary releases.

One more example. Thanks to my brother, once without my knowledge, another of my wishes was fulfilled. He sent my photos in a bathing suit to the competition of a famous male magazine. And I got into a hundred, whose photos were printed in a magazine. Only some time later I saw a picture of a magazine in my Map.

Some more important points

Make sure that no sector you have is not empty. This disrupts the harmony and creates an imbalance that will entail problems in different areas.

Sectors should not overlap, and desires should not be placed in several sectors at the same time.

  • Since the Map is a tool from Feng Shui, it should be done on the right days. The best period of the year is 2 weeks after the Chinese New Year, which will be February 16. But if you missed this period, then the days of the rising moon are also considered favorable days.

The map is best located away from prying eyes. Everyone has their own energy, and will not be very good for your desires, if someone rewards them with their unkind energy.

The validity of the Wish Card is on average 1 – 3 of the year. If your Card has worked, you can replace it with a new one, but with one important condition: You can have only one card.

Activate Wishing Card

After you have finished making your Card, you need to activate it!

To do this, you post a photo of any symbolic desire that you can fulfill yourself and in a short time. For example: buy yourself ice cream, go to the movies, meet with a friend. As soon as you fulfill your wish, your Card starts working!

What to do with the Desire Card

Recently, various services have appeared that offer themselves to make you a Wish Card according to your wishes. I really do not recommend you do this. After all, in this technique a very important component is your energy, which you fill and charge your desires. You radiate this energy at the moment when you select pictures, then place them, look at them. And this is very important!

1 option: Whatman

Most often, a wish card is made on Whatman paper. At your disposal a large area of ​​paper, which is easily divided into 9 sectors and allows you to place any desires that they do not interfere with each other.

Pictures can be cut from magazines, drawn or taken on the Internet and printed in the nearest printing house. The most interesting thing is to take pictures from the Internet, because there are so many of them there and everyone can find something of their own, plus you can easily adjust the size of the pictures to fit them all on the paper paper.

2 option: on corkboard

A very cool option is to make a map on a corkboard for notes. Such a card will last more than one year, you can easily replace desires, make adjustments. In addition, the fulfillment of desires will charge such a card every year more and more!

Hiding such a board from prying eyes is easy: when guests come, just take it off, hang a cute picture, and then be sure to return everything back. The card must constantly come across your eyes! At the same time, corkboard is an excellent interior element.

3 Option: Paints on Paper

For the most creative and diligent there is a more difficult task. You can draw your Wish List. At your disposal pencils, paints, crayons. You can reflect all your dreams with the help of drawings or choose one and put all your soul into its image.

Be careful when making wishes!

Inessa Sycheva, founder of the DoSSki cork workshop, comments:

Desire Cards I make up a few years. But earlier I did not observe subtleties and, unfortunately, a year ago I found out what happens when you formulate your desires inattentively and illiterately. So, on the 2017 map of the year, I had a goal - to switch to a healthier diet, but in the course of a year my hands didn’t come to that. And then my subconscious decided to help me: I had problems with my stomach, which forced me to switch to a healthy diet by force.

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