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How I spent two weeks in coronavirus quarantine: personal experience and tips


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The deadly coronavirus is spreading around the world so rapidly that taken by surprise, the health systems of many countries are not coping with the situation. It turned out to be impossible to promptly take tests from all those who returned from the zones of infection, and the authorities are asking potential carriers of the virus to isolate themselves - to arrange for themselves a quarantine at home. The author told about personal experience of quarantine Air force Anastasia Assumption.

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It is assumed that after the incubation period (from 14 to 28 days) it will become clear whether the alarm was false or not, and then either a hospital or a return to normal life.

In Britain (the country where the author lives) the procedure is as follows: you need to call the National Health Service (NHS) hotline, tell you where you came from, describe the symptoms (if they already exist), after which they will tell you to close the house with all relatives and wait for you to be called back with further instructions.

The author of this article (together with family members) spent three days in self-isolation after returning from the Austrian region on the border with northern Italy. The reason for contacting the NHS was feeling unwell, coinciding in time with the information that the first cases of coronavirus were recorded in that region of Austria.

We did not experience any particular inconvenience while in quarantine, but if our imprisonment lasted a couple of days longer, we would need outside help.

What to do in this situation? How to prepare for quarantine at home?

What to buy?

Usually, the last thing a person thinks about when they suspect they have an illness is whether they have enough bread and toilet paper at home. And only when “home quarantine” sounded on the phone, these moments come to the fore, because from this second (if you are a conscientious citizen) a visit to the store is no longer possible for you.

Ask relatives or friends to bring you groceries and household supplies and leave them at your door.

There are no special recommendations regarding diet; everything is possible. Priority Immune Support Products

It is recommended to stock up on such supplies as rice, pasta, cereals, beans - they can be stored for a long time. Experts from the World Health Organization also recommend indulging yourself in products that can brighten up your forced confinement - chocolate, coffee, cookies, nuts.

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The American Red Cross recommends a water supply of four liters per day for each family member and pet.

Stock up on plenty of disposable dry wipes - only cough and blow your nose in them. Wet wipes are not recommended for these purposes.

Another essential is bathroom and toilet sanitizer. If you find yourself imprisoned with your family, try to use them after everyone else. Baths are canceled, only a quick shower under running water, and it is advisable to change the towel after each wash.

Perhaps the biggest inconvenience of a long quarantine is the inability to throw away garbage. Stock up on trash bags because you will have to fold them in double or triple layers of polyethylene. Place knotted bags in the coolest place in your home. If your concerns about the virus are confirmed, your garbage will be disposed of according to special instructions from the medical authorities.

Ventilate the rooms well, or better yet, keep the window ajar at all times.

Self-isolation squared

The hardest part of home quarantine is isolating yourself from the rest of your family. This is almost impossible, and wearing a mask will hardly help them protect themselves.

Of course, we must follow the most elementary recommendations, but, from my own experience, rather, to clear my conscience.

  • Try to sleep separately from everyone
  • No matter how difficult it is - don't hug or kiss children
  • Do not try food from a common pan
  • Keep your towels, washcloths and toothbrush separate
  • Do not use a shared telephone


No prophylactic against coronavirus exists.

Neither a ton of vitamin C in the form of oranges, nor paracetamol (in any doses) will help you if you are already infected.

All you can do at home is to bring down the temperature if it appears. Do nothing until symptoms appear.

If you are taking a drug on an ongoing basis, make sure that you have a reserve for several weeks in advance.

If you are quarantined alone, be sure to report your well-being to your loved ones daily.

And most importantly, doctors remind, don't forget about your mental state. If your health allows you, watch a movie, read books, listen to music, communicate with loved ones by phone.

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What's next?

The further situation has only two possible scenarios.

If, for some time, you do have symptoms of coronavirus, you should report this to the emergency service, and doctors will take care of you.

If your condition does not worsen within 14 days, you will still need to call the health system hotline so that they officially record that the diagnosis is not confirmed.

In my case, however, the third scenario turned out: my condition improved on its own, and it became clear that this was an ordinary malaise, multiplied by a series of coincidences.

It also happens.

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