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How I quit Inaz in Belarus and went to New York to work out in the gym


Source: Virtual Brest

Seven years ago, Olga Parhots, a resident of Brest, left the Inyaz and flew to the States through the Work and Travel program. Now the girl works as a zumba trainer in New York and teaches Americans to dance with excitement, including under Bianca and Iowa.

What is zumba and how to teach it in the US

The first time Olga worked in a bar, tells Virtual Brest. When, due to local nutrition, I noticed changes in my figure, I decided to train - this determined her further path.

- I took myself a personal trainer and practiced twice a week for three months. I had a goal to lose weight and bring muscles into shape. A month later, I saw the result, became physically stronger. And she learned a lot from her instructor.

Soon, Olga herself went to study for a personal trainer. Three months later, the certificate was in her hands.

- I always loved to dance, I was drawn to the stage, so I started going to different classes. One of them was zumbe. At that moment I did not know what it was. I went and I really liked it. I thought, why not get another certificate and start learning the most?

Zumba - a mix of dance and fitness. As a rule, under Latin music, but in the classroom with Olga they sound, including Bianca and Iowa. In the fall of 2014, the girl received a certificate for zumbe and started going to the castings.

“You come to the casting, everyone is cool with experience, and I haven’t worked anywhere,” the Belarusian recalls. - One person is watching, and the rest of 15 play the role of customers. You go out, turn on your music, give an opening speech.

Ideally, the main character in training is not the instructor, but the client. The task of the coach is to show movements so that they are captured, remembered, the girl explains. At the castings they look at contact with the public, at the choreography. Aerobatics is considered when you invent it yourself.

“I passed the casting and they took me to work,” Olga recalls a joyful moment. “It happened that winter, when in New York everything was covered in snow.” No one could get to Manhattan, and I live in Manhattan. That month I took a huge number of classes. At first it was hard without experience. The brain went crazy about the fact that you need to remember the movements for seventeen songs. Feel the public, smile. You do not always reciprocate, and you climb out of your skin to exchange energy.

"The problem of Americans is sugar, which is added to all products"

- In America, everyone plays sports like crazy. This is a cult. As we have a TV in our family at home, everyone here has a gym membership.

Playing sports is also important because in the States it is easy to gain excess weight.

“Before I flew to America, everything was fine with my figure,” Olga recalls her first year of living in another country. “The food here is completely different, and that’s a percentage of our health 80.” You can train in the gym before losing your pulse, but if you eat all kinds of rubbish, nothing good will come of it.

In New York, a Belarusian first began to buy many products with a high sugar content:

- I watched so many documentaries, I read so much literature! The problem of Americans is sugar, which is added to absolutely all products. It is addictive, like a drug, only legalized. If the industry has developed this addiction in you - that's all, you cannot go anywhere.

Olga talks about the tricks that come across those who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

- You buy yogurt with strawberries. It seems to be healthy food! You turn and read the ingredients. The label says that there is a gram of sugar in 15. “It's more than two teaspoons in one little jar,” the girl reflects. - Many people think: Behold, I'll fill in the salad with dressing, what is this? But it will increase the calorie content of the dish more than twice, and the same sugar in the composition.

Americans have a choice - to buy ordinary bread for one dollar or “healthy” for five, half a kilogram of apples for two dollars or apples “organic” - for seven.

- There are such shops with food, where there is a lot of everything and cheap, but I don’t even go there. In my today's brains there is nothing that will benefit. I'd rather not buy myself an extra pair of shoes, but I will eat well, considering how much I use my body. It is important for everything - bones, joints, muscles. Healthy eating is the number one priority.

The girl describes her diet as follows: for breakfast, oatmeal on water, to which she adds nuts, a mix of seeds (chia, flaxseeds), fruit (banana, apple, kiwi) or a spoonful of peanut butter. To porridge - necessarily boiled egg.

- In the mornings, many people here eat breakfast cereals, which are positioned as healthy food. This is a big mistake, because after them you quickly become hungry. Such food gives nothing, except that it helps to wake up because of the huge amount of sugar. It seems, uh! I am ready to go and live this day. But an hour later, a terrible famine wakes up, you begin to eat everything - necessary and unnecessary.

For lunch, the girl - chicken, turkey or meat with a side dish. In the evening - fish with vegetables.

- Bread, pancakes - this happens because I like to eat, but rarely - says the girl.

"The price of one class - from 30 to 50 dollars per person"

Now Olga is training not only in zumbe. Another format of her classes is called “305 fitness” - this is also a dance class with fitness elements in a room with ultraviolet, from the outside it looks like a large-scale party. The price for this class is from 30 to 50 dollars per person.

- The trick of my workouts is that they not only help you lose weight, but also raise your spirits. For example, many people hate running because it’s boring and monotonous. Dance fitness for them is generally a topic: sport and pleasure.

Olga describes a portrait of her typical client:

- These are mainly women and girls from 25 to 40. But there was an 89-year-old granny who danced to Beyoncé and J. Law.

At one time, she worked in parallel for six clubs. But now Olga leads three or four workouts a day. This is a decent physical load, as you dance with everyone. Some hardly stand one class, says Belarusian.

- Before me, pearl from work. I thought that I should spend another lesson, it's money, I can postpone. But at some point I realized that it was important to rest two days a week.

In her current job, Olga most of all appreciates that she has achieved personal freedom:

- Now is the time for me. I am an employee, but in the fitness sphere there are a lot of instructors, all constantly replace each other. If I want to go somewhere or take a day off for myself, I can do it without asking anyone for permission.

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