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How to keep the storeroom clean and tidy: secrets and life hacking


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If for you cleaning is hard work, not entertainment, then we rush to your rescue. We will talk in detail about how to clean up the storeroom quickly and efficiently.

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Let the pantry empty

If you are determined and you really want to completely clean out the closet, then, first of all, take everything out of it, writes Homemania. Just to shift things from one corner to another is not a cleaning, be honest with yourself. In an empty pantry, washing floors, shelves and all corners is much easier, and even this will allow you to see the whole picture and understand how best to store all things.

Time in the trash

This is pretty obvious, but still we will say: throw away everything unnecessary - expired products, building materials left over from repairs, leaky blankets and bags or suitcases with torn off handles. Do not bypass those things that "maybe someday will be useful", because if you have not used them in the last year, then it is unlikely that you will ever need them again. If you are unsure of something, put it aside and come back to it at the very end. You will have time to consider if you really need it.

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Create a clear classification

All that you store in the pantry, divided into separate groups:

  • food products long storage;
  • cleaning products;
  • tools and household equipment;
  • items that you use at certain times of the year, that is, seasonal;
  • dimensional items;
  • and more: this could be pet food or old baby items that you are going to give away.

Create a plan

Now for each group, define the area in which things will be stored. Think about how you will store them: in separate boxes, just on the shelves or on the floor. The most convenient option: in the lower part of the pantry - large items, in the middle - what you use regularly (for example, detergents and tools), and in the uppermost - seasonal items.

Every corner must be functional

Shelves aren't the only storage space in the closet. The door is often left unattended, and in vain. You can install a holder on it for storing an ironing board or household supplies. And under the ceiling it is worth installing boxes for sports equipment.

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Each box has a signature

It is very important! In order not to get confused in the numerous boxes, sign them all large and legibly, so that when you enter the pantry, you can immediately see where everything is. Do not rely on memory: no matter how good it is, at some point it can still let you down. So the pen is your real helper. You can create a separate sheet in which you will enter all the names of the items in the pantry.

And - the most pleasant thing!

When everything is ready, put all your belongings in their places and enjoy the cleanliness and order in your pantry!

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