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What does an American look like after having a record number of plastic surgeries?



Many probably think that the American Cindy Jackson, who performed 52 plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, lost her human face. In fact, she looks quite natural.

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In 2011, American Cindy Jackson set a record by becoming the owner of 52 operations and cosmetic procedures that change the face and body, writes At that time, and even today, no one (at least officially) has reported such “exploits”. Apart from Rodrigo Alves from Brazil, on whose account 60 surgical manipulations. But he is still a man (for now).

63-year-old Cindy twice performed eye surgery, tried liposuction and Botox, corrected her chin and nose, and enlarged her lips and chest - all in order to become a living Barbie. Jackson also always called the inspiring appearance of the French actress Brigitte Bardot.

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And although the woman spent 100 thousand dollars on manipulations, they paid off long ago with interest: she founded the International Association of Aesthetic Consultants, wrote two books about her transformations and gives everyone who wants advice on plastic surgery and improving herself. Naturally, paid: Jackson costs an hour of personal time from 570 dollars.

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In an interview with the American channel, Cindy once said that she never wanted to be a world sensation and lead the top plastic fans, but she wanted to look better. Her self-doubt was born after the comments of others. For example, when she was 14 years old, one boy said: "Cindy, when you smile, your nose and chin practically go blind." After the first corrective operations, she switched to anti-aging procedures to match her “young soul”.

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Despite the positive mood of the blonde, many doctors do not recommend repeating her numerous "successes" and especially not trying to get closer to the star due to plastic surgery. Most often, such thoughts indicate complex psychological problems that cannot be solved with plastic surgery.

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