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What does the 70-year-old mother of three children look like who lived half a life without sugar



70 is a summer resident of Australia, the mother of three children, Caroline Hartz, became the star of social networks after she showed off her beach photos.


The woman struck Internet users with her appearance and vigorous rhythm of life. After talking to journalists, she revealed the secret of her youth, writes

Caroline for almost 30 years does not consume sugar. She admits that she was literally addicted to sweets. However, 28 years have passed since she abandoned sugar in any form.

“Women after 50 years often believe that it is impossible to maintain body shape and weight. Even the moms after 40 are sure that the old figure cannot be returned, ”she notes.


In this case, the Australian assures that everything is possible, you need only a sincere desire and hard work on yourself.

“With age, our metabolism slows down. This means that you have to take control of your body, make health decisions and work on yourself more, ”she adds.

“I think it is very important to pay attention to what and how much you eat. Thoughtlessness always leads to excess weight. Enjoy every bite. It will help you not to overeat, ”Hartz continued.


For nearly three decades, a woman replaces sugar with xylitol, a polyhydric alcohol, in the form of colorless crystals that dissolve in water. Xalitol is close to sugar in caloric content, and sucrose in sweetness, but it has no biological value.

An important role a woman assigns to sleep. Caroline tries to sleep at least eight hours a day. Recent years also enjoys meditation.


“Every day before work, I meditate for half an hour, it helps me a lot throughout the day. I have become calmer and more collected since I began to meditate in my 65 years, ”she said.

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