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How to look fresh and young without makeup: 5 beauty-life hacks


Source: IA "Express News"

Every woman strives for excellence. Someone is sure that in everyday life it is impossible to do without makeup, because you need to hide your flaws. And someone on the contrary stands for naturalness. And in this case, the question arises: how to look perfect without makeup? IA "Express News" tells in order.

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A glass of water after sleep

Well-known beauty bloggers have long been sharing the miraculous properties of ordinary water. And indeed it is. If you think that moisturizing your skin is possible only with the help of numerous creams and masks, then you are mistaken. Normal fasting water will tone your skin and fill it with essential nutrients. Thus, the skin can be kept in good shape.

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Face rubbing an ice cube

Surprisingly, an ordinary ice cube is really able to cope with any problems of your skin. It will relieve swelling and bruising under the eyes. You can diversify this procedure by adding chamomile, linden, parsley, dandelions to the water.

Cold and hot shower

Everyone knows how a contrast shower works. He is able to rejuvenate the whole body. In addition, a douche enhances immunity, enhances blood circulation and is incredibly invigorating. Start showering with warm water, gradually adding cold water.

Physical exercises

Morning exercises will not only charge you for the whole day, but also give beauty and youth to your skin. In this matter, it is important to adhere to the system. Only in this case you can get a decent result. 15 minutes a day is enough to make your skin look great.

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Take care of clean skin

If you applied makeup on your face in the morning, then in the evening it must be washed off. Never forget this rule, and then your skin will always look perfect. If you quite often forget to wash off cosmetics before bedtime, then you can get a very deplorable result in the form of numerous rashes on the face and skin inflammation.

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