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How to choose the most ripe avocados and store them properly


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Few things compare to the taste of perfectly ripe, creamy avocado. But how often do we encounter the fact that under the skin there is either too hard pulp that cannot be cut, or an incomprehensible brown mash that we don’t want to eat.

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How to choose the optimally fresh, ripe fruit, find the perfect moment to clean and chop it, and also properly preserve all this beauty so that the remains are no less tasty, tells Thrillist.

Do a touch test

Simply put - touch it. This is one of the surest ways to determine the ripeness of the fruit. If the rind is rocky, the avocado is definitely not ripe yet. If too soft, the inside will be unpleasant brown flesh. Optimally ripe avocado lends itself to gentle yet firm pressure. Some experts say that the peel of a ripe fruit is like the feel of the skin between your thumb and forefinger when you stretch them.

Note the color and texture of the peel

Although this does not always reliably indicate the ripeness of the fruit, it is still worth considering the color factor. Unripe avocados, as a rule, have an expressive green color with a very tight skin, whereas on a ripe fruit the skin is usually dark green or almost black, and slightly rough.

Of course, not every freshly purchased avocado fruit you immediately eat. Therefore, if you buy avocados that you plan to consume in a day or two, choose dark green with black dots. Store them at room temperature from 24 to 48 hours, and they will be completely ready by the time they are consumed.

Look at the color under the handle

Find this bump on the fruit and remove the rest of the cutting. If you see a green speck underneath, it is most likely that the avocado is not yet ripe, and if it is dark brown, it is overripe. Ideally, look for fruits with a yellowish-brown speck under the stem; usually, the fruit is optimally ready to be cut into cubes or wedges and eaten the same day.

How to help the avocado ripen

You can really do something if you bought not the most ripe fruit. Put it in a sealed paper bag with an apple or banana. Avocados, like fruits, produce certain gaseous substances that accelerate ripening. In a closed space, this process will accelerate.

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If you really really need to cook guacamole right now, you can try wrapping avocados in aluminum foil and putting them in an oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit (90 Celsius) for about 10 minutes (or longer, depending on its ripeness). The result will be plus or minus the same. But do not forget to cool it in the refrigerator before use.

How to store avocados

If you cut avocados only to find that the fruit is immature, all is not lost: sprinkle both halves with lemon or lime juice and wrap in a plastic bag. Periodically check how he is doing.

If you just want to put off the remains of avocados for several hours and keep them fresh, sprinkle the pulp with the same juice and put it in a sealed container or bag. This method will help the avocado to stay in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

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