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How to choose a husband for a happy marriage? Scientists have uncovered a secret


Source: CBS New York

Specialists from the University of Florida conducted a study that demonstrated a new, very unexpected look at the questions of the laws of happy and unhappy marriage unions, writes CBS New York.


It turns out that in order for the family to exist happily ever after, it must consist of a pretty and attractive woman and ... an ugly man. Such marriages, according to the results of the study, are the most durable and lasting.

According to one of the authors of the study, expert Tanya Reynolds, in such marriages spouses more effectively support each other. It is possible that less attractive men are afraid of losing their beautiful wives and provide them with much more attention signs than handsome husbands. They are engaged in home and children, give gifts to beloved women, give them time and try to give them more intimate relationships. As a result, the wife of an ugly husband often feels much happier than the handsome husband's wife, due to which the marriage is strengthened.

In the same families where the husband is more beautiful and more attractive than his wife, women are constantly under stress. They torture themselves with diets and exercise, suffer from jealousy and strive to please their husbands. “He always looks great and people always look at him, which makes the woman unprotected,” says Reynolds.

Scientists have noted that beautiful men often do not condescend to family responsibilities and do not seek to work on relationships. They are probably confident that they will always be able to find a mate.

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