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How to choose the perfect jeans that will last you years


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What you should pay attention to in the fitting room so that jeans serve you faithfully for many years, says ADME.

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Every woman has an average of 7 jeans in her wardrobe. Today, this garment has become truly versatile. If you choose the right ensemble, jeans can be worn to the theater or to a business meeting. It can be much more difficult to find the right model of a denim product - one that will hide flaws and favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure.


Take your time to return a copy that is a little narrowish to the hanger. The fact is that jeans stretch, so after a while they will become about half a size larger. The belt and the upper back will be the first to take a comfortable shape: maximum pressure is exerted on them when worn. Jeans that are somewhat loose when trying on will soon become shapeless and will not fit you well.

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How to distinguish jeans that fit your figure from those that are small for you? Sink on a chair in the fitting room: if cute pants squeeze your waist, make it difficult to move and breathe, this is a small size. If they are too tight - congratulations, you have found the perfect model!

the cloth

Real denim has a characteristic weave of threads - the famous diagonal stripes. The front of the jeans should be darker than the wrong side. The fact is that in denim, only the warp threads are dyed, which prevail on the front side, so the inside of the denim product is lighter.


Zippers, buttons, rivets and other fittings on jeans should be made of metal (usually brass, copper, aluminum or nickel). Metal parts are more durable and are better suited for denim that is rough enough.

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Make sure they are free of nicks, chips or other imperfections, and that the zipper holds well when closed. Otherwise, when wearing, confusion may occur.

Belt loops

A belt loop is a loop with which a belt is attached to trousers or a skirt. Jeans usually have 5 belt loops to give the belt maximum support. Some brands (for example, Wrangler) add 2 more belt loops to their models.

If the belt loops are less than five, you should refuse jeans: the belt will not fit snugly, which will negatively affect the convenience and appearance. The loops should be parallel to each other and sewn with a straight and strong stitching.

Pocket size

Back pockets should be in proportion to the size of the hips, otherwise they can ruin the appearance of the figure. If you have full thighs, do not wear jeans with small pockets: they will accentuate the curvy bulges. Large pockets are contraindicated for thin girls: they visually reduce the volume of the buttocks.

Distance between pockets

Too much space between the back pockets will visually enlarge the hips. If it is small, the hips will appear smaller. This technique can be used for visual body shaping. Otherwise, choose models whose pockets are not too close or too far apart.


The label can be made from leather or fabric. Embroidered or embossed inscriptions, symbols are another indicator of high-quality jeans. Pay attention to how smoothly and firmly the label is sewn. If the seam is broken or crooked, it may be worth looking for another specimen.

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Distance from the bottom seam to the fly

Jeans with a high rise are most often distinguished by a large distance from the bottom seam to the fly. They can visually change the proportions of the figure and lengthen the lower torso. To avoid optical illusion, choose jeans with a small distance between the fly and the bottom seam.

Inner label color

The label inside the jeans must be white. If it's red, green, or any other color, your new jeans are likely to shed when washed. In addition, they will quickly fade and change their original shade.


The belt can be curved or straight. The curved belt sits slightly higher in the back than in the front. This design will provide a tighter fit at the waist and a better fit, which means the jeans will fit perfectly on the figure.


Today you can find denim products in all colors of the rainbow on the shelves. When entering a store, think about what you need jeans for. If you are looking for a model that can be worn to work and to a formal event, choose dark shades. According to stylists, they always look more elegant and to some extent resemble trousers. If you want jeans for every day, go for indigo variations.


Designers decorate some jeans with pleats. They can be seen, say, in the groin or knees. Be careful: this detail grabs attention. If you are not sure if you want to focus on a particular part of the body, choose jeans that do not have wrinkles in this area.

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