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How to Raise Children with Successful People: Secrets of Mom YouTube CEO



Esther Wojczycki brought up two CEOs and one professor. She does not claim that this is entirely her merit, but a lot depends on her upbringing. Her daughter Susan is the CEO of YouTube, Janet is a professor of pediatrics, and Anna is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. Translation Bureau "Profpereklad" prepared for translation of an excerpt from Esther’s book “How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons That Bring Amazing Results.”

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Teach your children about indifference

I grew up with the conviction that I was obliged to make my contribution and improve the society in which I live. And I think so until now. If you just say and do nothing, nothing will change. I always loved to act.

My behavior has affected my daughters. Not because I read them notations about the importance of serving society, but because I really did care.

I tried by my own example to show them what they can achieve. At that moment, I did not realize how deeply this could affect the well-being of children, but later this was confirmed in many studies.

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Community importance

According to a 2013 study, adolescent volunteers who work with younger children are less likely to have a bad mood and lower their risk of heart disease.

Another study in 2016 showed that teenage volunteers are less likely to break the law, among them there are fewer arrested and convicted persons aged 24-34 years.

But how many people think about this when raising children? How many, by their own example, show how to defend society?

Alas, I increasingly see children who are focused only on themselves. They only think about where they will go after school, where they want to go on vacation and what they will buy. Sometimes it seems to me that we are educating a whole nation of narcissistic personalities. I’m unlikely to be mistaken if I say that excessive parental care played a huge role in this.

Photo: video frame YouTube / TEDx Talks

American idea is no good

Children feel like the center of the universe. And they are completely unprepared to do something that can improve this world.

They often think about money because they believe that money will make them happy and full. This is the American idea of ​​education: get rich and do nothing else. Sit on the beach. Go to expensive restaurants. Drive to Las Vegas. But such goals turn people into daffodils who want only pleasures.

Here in Silicon Valley, there are enough of them. These are people who think only of themselves. They do not put in the first place the benefit of society, do not fight for the solution of social problems. Their life has no special meaning and purpose.

As a result, they often become depressed. I met many unhappy millionaires and even some billionaires. I think many of them grew out of children who did not have a goal.

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Service and Purpose First

Why do you think there are so many drug addicts, depression and suicides in the USA? It seems that we do not know how to live well and how to take care of ourselves and others.

We are after money and things. Our only goal is to please ourselves. But I know that the greatest happiness is helping other people.

Start small. Engage in some kind of volunteer activity in your area, at least for an hour. Go to the city administration meeting. Explore some problem in your area. Or at least vote.

Everywhere there are problems that need to be solved, people who need to be supported and whose interests are upheld. It is a way to live in and with the world. In the end, it will help your children form early world views.

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