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How to behave in America: a safety note for an immigrant


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It will be a question of the first time and the personal safety of the Russian, our man. When arriving in the USA, many are already savvy, especially those who, when they were young, studied here or visited tourists, when experienced guides instructed enough. However, many of them arrive in complete ignorance, because their task was emigration, transportation of collected baggage, sale of stingy real estate in their homeland, and finally, the emphasis on studying English to no avail.

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Many people prefer to settle in gigantic New York, where you will not get bored. Others stay in small, carefully selected towns, where the rules are slightly different, chamber, writes user filin7 in the LJ community “It's time to throw".

I will touch first.

So, a small but important note:

1. As long as you do not understand the local, don't try to swear at them.

2. Feel free to explain at least one memorized phrase that you need help - whether it concerns language, health or money. New Yorkers will never turn their backs.

3. You must start talking right awayrather than waiting for the graduation test in a two-month course after. I am not focusing on the language in vain, because without communicative skill it will be more and more difficult for you to penetrate into the environment, to feel where you are. Try to rehearse in the subway (subway), ask how to get to ... (point to the map), they will explain everything to you and even take you away. It is important to understand that you are not strangers - already.

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4. Not always everything goes smoothly. Humanity’s crime has not yet been taken out of use, and they can be attacked in a new place. Therefore: do not visit dangerous places. These are unfamiliar bars, walk-through yards (so supposedly shorter), generally disadvantaged areas, for example, not for white-skinned ones, or simply with poor statistics on wild incidents.

5. Do not go with all your savings on the body, even believing that they had hidden in a secluded place.

6. If you already have a lot of credit cards and a checkbook, carry it with you whenever possible. one running credit card. The rest, rewriting the data, carry it to a bank safe (say, you can buy online or pay bills this way).

7. Signs of aggression towards you are divided into several types. It is better not to react to non-dangerous, because you can take for aggression that which is not in reality. For example, a sober, untidy person stopped near you and started yelling insults - this is a simple city madman, he personally has nothing to you, and most likely asks for a couple of dollars in a glass for a drink with a snack. You could have upset him greatly if he is still a real beggar, by making a dismissive gesture or glaring. If you do not want to give alms, just lower your eyes. Beggars and lunatics are usually harmless.

Dangerous aggression is armed robbery. If you are not able to resist the robber guaranteed, for example, to shoot, then give him what he asks. Usually, it is a purse, or a bag, or jewelry, or a fashionable gadget. You can ask something to leave you if the robber is sentimental (a clear pro).

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8. Do not give in to provocations. Usually the attacker himself is cautious, he realizes that he can run into resistance, so he tries to force his potential victim. If she is nervous, will show fright, then the next scenario goes, either robbery or hooliganism, or sexual violence.

9. Russian men from themselves, of course, all cool, but in America have your ritual fight... So, it is customary for the enemies to scandal loudly, and not to fist right away. If the audience gathers and bets are made, then it's time to move from words to deeds. In any case, in case of a skirmish and unwillingness to fight, you must put both your hands with your palms down, show that they are open and without weapons, while saying something like “I'm not going to hurt you”.

10. Observe the queue line everywhere, even if there are a couple of people. Do not go forward "to the checkout", supposedly waiting for the one for whom you "borrowed". This is a terrible insult, and they can take measures against you, even inadequate, and not because someone might “not get it” because of you.

11. remember, that the police serve you and set up for you... For any reason, contact the officer (do not call him "sergeant"), even in peaceful cases, without particularly distracting. In case of danger and other incidents, you need to dial 911. If you are detained, never argue, follow all the policeman's commands, do not testify against yourself (they will figure it out and let you go).

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12. Never don't quarrel with neighbors. When renting a house, find out about the residents, whether they are noisy, what kind of people in general. Of course, the district must be appropriate, whom it suits.

13. In general, Russians are treated favorably in America, but in society there is certain averaging background and he needs to correspond. It is better to show your “Russianness” vividly at the parades of Russians (although I haven’t heard something like that held, unlike the Irish, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, etc.) ”Should not be said with a stony face. Any friction on this point can cause a lot of exacerbations with trouble.

14. This item remains blank for printing (enter some of his observations, fears, or not mentioned by me above).

Have you encountered trouble in America?

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