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How to look 50 at 35+: life hacks from Jennifer Lopez


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Recently, the whole world was shocked by the news that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married. And looking at the photo, it is impossible to believe that the singer is already over 50. At her age, the singer looks amazingly young and only becomes more beautiful from year to year. Fans of the star are perplexed, what is the phenomenon of her eternal youth.

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With age, J. Law began to look almost better than at the dawn of her career, and here are just some of those secrets that made the singer able to fool time, writes It.

Correct way of life

In America, for Jay Lo, the fame of the main Hollywood bore is firmly entrenched, largely because of her habit of controlling everything and everyone. In recent years, 52-year-old singer - a staunch adherent of a healthy lifestyle. All dishes are cooked on a pair of the freshest seasonal products: broccoli, asparagus, quinoa, green vegetables. At the same time, Lopez never diets - she coordinates her diet with a nutritionist: both proteins (lots of fish and chicken) and carbohydrates (brown rice) are present in it.

Earlier lopez spoke in an interviewthat the main part of its diet consists of green vegetables: kale cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini. Proteins star prefers to get from turkey, chicken and sea fish, considering protein as the main component of the diet, which helps to eat and feel full as long as possible.

The star is planning the last meal not later than in 18: 30.


Despite the regularly appeared in Instagram stars photos and videos from noisy parties, in the company of Lopez fit to get bored: she does not smoke and rarely drinks alcohol. Moreover, the star has long excluded coffee from its daily ration. "I do not drink, do not smoke, completely abandoned caffeine - all of these are the main enemies of our skin, the perpetrators of wrinkles and dull complexion," says Jennifer. Lopez does not eat fried, preferring fish and vegetables, and refused sweets. To be precise, she almost refused: sometimes, as recognized by J.Lo herself, she allows herself ice cream with cookies. Also in the diet there is no frost and semi-finished products, everything is exceptionally fresh and organic.

As for the categorical "no", there are three: alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. According to Jennifer, it is alcohol and caffeine that accelerates skin aging.


Jennifer Lopez is not one of those celebrities who trumpet their sporting exploits on social media. At the same time, no one has any doubts that the singer day and night in the gym. Otherwise, how else can you explain a luxurious figure with a relief press and slender legs at 52?

Every day, a celebrity finds at least an hour of time for playing sports, while her fitness diet consists of regular cardio and strength exercises in combination with morning yoga and 20-minute meditation. And so, day after day, without any excuse or constant self-pity.


Celebrity is confident that sports and diet will not be effective without 10-hour sleep. A carefully planned day regimen not only improves working efficiency, but also has a positive effect on skin condition. Taking into account the loaded schedule of Jennifer (working on a new album, shooting a television series, performing a solo show in Las Vegas), as well as having two children, 8-year-old twins Emma and Max, believe that she manages to find time for 10 hours of sleep, quite difficult.

Nevertheless, the ideal, as if illuminated from the inside skin of the singer speaks for itself. On the day, Jaye tries to drink at least 1.5 a liter of water, and also does breathing practices.

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