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How to recognize a Russian child at a playground in America: an immigrant opinion


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How our children differ from American ones and what is the difference between their parents' attitude towards them, says the author of the blog "Russian in America" ​​at Yandex Zen.

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Our children, much more often than American ones, look more well-groomed - girls always go with their hair neatly tied up in rubber bands and hairpins, they are neatly dressed.

American parents don't seem to care at all what their child looks like. He can walk with unkempt hair, dirty clothes, with untied laces, and so everything is ok!

In America, very often parents dress their children not for the weather - it doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold, a child can walk in a thin sweatshirt with hands red from the cold, while his father walks next to him in a down jacket.

Very often I notice this in Miami: when it gets colder (14 degrees Celsius), the children still wear shorts and T-shirts. Their parents believe that everything is in order.

Americans justify this by the fact that, they say, their children are free people and are free to decide how they dress and in what weather, so they walk almost in pajamas on the street.

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The most interesting thing is that when it gets very hot in Miami, none of the parents put on a hat or cap on their child so that their head is not baked or there is no sunstroke.

We do this right away, even if there is no hat or cap: in our childhood, parents made "boats" from the newspaper, and we walked with this headdress resembling gnomes in our appearance.

I often notice that American children are less obedient than ours. More than once I saw how my mother leads the child to the car from the supermarket, and he screams and yells throughout the parking lot. The parent does not even think to calm him down, even if his behavior disturbs everyone around.

American children never ask their parents for permission to go to play in another area. Gone - look for fistulas.

Do you remember how it was in our childhood? My mother's stern look alone was able to instantly force me to clean my pants, wash my face, comb my hair and, like a bayonet, come home at exactly 20:00.

Original column published on the blog. "Russian in America" ​​in Yandex Zen

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