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How Americans look after themselves who look great



American women are easy to recognize in a crowd. Enough to know how they care for themselves. And we are talking not only about a particular make-up, but also about the basic principles of care. We will tell about the most characteristic features.

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Perhaps the most famous makeup technique beloved by American women is contouring, writes Well-defined cheekbones and a thin back of the nose have long become popular outside the shooting area. And while the Russian girls give the face a healthy color with the help of rouge, over the ocean, cheekbones generously excrete bronzer, and on the nose, apples of the cheeks and a tick above the lip apply a highlighter, as in the photo.


Ideal snow-white teeth, like from a toothpaste ad, are a must-have for any US resident. However, unlike girls from other countries, American women often decide the question radically. Instead of using toothpastes with a whitening effect, they regularly do professional whitening. And many people put veneers, even if their own teeth already look good.

Thick matte tones

Impeccable skin tone - a mandatory requirement for selfies. But BB and CC creams, which are very popular in other countries (especially during the warmer months), are not popular with girls from the United States, because they consider the covering capacity of these products to be insufficient for a perfect photo. Americans prefer solid tonal foundations. It is desirable with a matting effect - so that the skin does not seem oily. American highlighter helps to add shine to skin.

Simple makeup for every day

In the ordinary life of an American, as a rule, they completely refuse makeup.

Unlike those who can not go out without a tone, even in the store, on weekdays American women treat their appearance with enviable simplicity. As a rule, they collect hair in a bun or a ponytail, and a maximum in daytime makeup is mascara and lip balm.

Active eye makeup

If you need to make a choice between the bright makeup of the lips or eyes, then the American women will definitely emphasize the eyes. As a rule, they choose rich smoky ice for evening events. Demand and long false eyelashes, which make the look even more expressive.


Against the background of an “active” eye make-up, lips can be lost. To avoid this, American women go to a variety of tricks. One of them is the use of a flapper. And we're not just talking about the unusual beauty gadget that blew up Instagram. Many still do not believe in its effectiveness, but plump-shines work exactly. For example, the Lancôme Gloss In Love Volumizer enlarges the lips due to its hyaluronic acid, mineral oils and polymer complex.

The composition of many plumpers is also enriched with menthol, which provides a warming effect, increasing the volume of the lips in a natural way.


It is the American beauty bloggers who invent the most unusual and bold trends. It is enough to remember colored eyelashes or wavy eyebrows, which for the first time showed the world to make-up artists from the United States.

Regular visits to the beautician

As you know, Americans love the highlighter. But it is precisely this remedy that can stronger than others emphasize enlarged pores and other skin imperfections. Therefore, competent care for residents of the United States is much more important than decorative cosmetics.

Regular cleanings, peels, and sometimes more radical procedures for American women are a routine comparable to weekly trips to the store. And if the vacation is far away, they use body toning and cosmetics that give an instant tanning effect.

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