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How to speed up weight loss: "metabolic" habits that really work


Source: News U

To successfully lose weight, you need to spend more calories than getting. And in order to persuade the body to do this, you need to “accelerate” your metabolism - a simple recipe, but how to put it into practice? Strangely enough, it is simpler than it seems: it is enough every day to help him. And especially pleased that each of the useful "metabolic" habits will require no more 5 minutes per day.


Do exercises

Many experts have already christened a sedentary lifestyle with new smoking - the harm to health from it is certainly no less, they write News U. Suffering from sedentary work and metabolism: the habit of spending without moving for several hours in a row will slow down your metabolism as well as the habit of fast food or alcohol. Make it a rule every 45 minutes to take breaks, get up from the table and do a little warm-up: squats, bends, stretching - everything will fit. And be sure to take a walk - at least in the next room and back. The body will thank you.

Train hard

In order to speed up the metabolism, you need to go in for sports - this is an axiom. And in order to “wake up” a frozen metabolism, the load must be high-intensity - and short. For example, exercises with a rope, when in a minute or two you have to jump at the redistribution of possible speed. Practice every morning - and you will notice the difference in a couple of weeks.


Drink oolong and green tea

But only in the first half of the day: these drinks contain a lot of caffeine and a cup, drunk in the evening, can prevent you from having a good night’s rest. But when drunk in the morning or at lunch, tea can speed up the metabolism of 5 − 7%, due to the substances contained in it that help burn fat more intensively.

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Add some protein to each dish.

Fractional feeding at regular intervals is a great way to lose weight, improve digestion and metabolism. And to make the system even faster, add a little protein to each of your meals: eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, cottage cheese for dinner, and nuts for snack. Nutritionists promise that this method allows you to accelerate your metabolism by at least 10%. Do not neglect!

Do not forget about a cup of coffee!

Or rather, two or three: nutritionists believe that this amount of the drink is optimal for those who want to lose weight without harm to health. Caffeine in coffee helps burn fat faster. In addition, coffee is a good diuretic and helps remove excess fluid from the body, fighting with the formation of edema.

Have breakfast on time

Just transfer your breakfast to the correct time - and in a few days your metabolism will accelerate by 15%. The right thing is no later than half an hour after waking up. It is during this period that our body adjusts to the first meal. If we remain hungry, the body may decide that crisis times have come, energy must be saved, and not spent - and the metabolic rate slows down. Do not do it this way.

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