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As a native of Belarus was on top of the American fashion Olympus


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New York-born designer Dmitry Sholokhov, born in Belarus, was not once afraid to take a chance and go for a dream to America.

Now Sholokhov's assets include shows on New York Fashion Week, offers of cooperation from well-known American brands, victory in the 10-th anniversary season of the American TV show with overwhelming ratings Project Runway (“Project Runway”) and much more.

It is unlikely that in drawing his first sketches for dance costumes in 80, the boy Dima from the small Belarusian town of Novopolotsk could have imagined what awaits him ahead.

Now Sholokhov says that from early childhood he was brought up in an atmosphere of creativity and self-development. My father was engaged in artistic activities, my mother worked in the field of medicine. And Dmitry always calls his grandmother - as the person who most influenced his further choice of a professional path: “she was the first fashionista in the city and always picked up very elegant outfits”.

However, Sholokhov's design career took some time to find. At home, in Belarus, he tried himself in various traditional humanities, but everything changed after his first visit to America as part of a student exchange program - the country captured all his thoughts. In the late 90s, Sholokhov followed internal impulses and started everything from scratch in a new country, moving to New York.

Fast forward to 2012. Dmitry at that time was already an experienced professional in his field, he had professional training in a prestigious educational institution and internships in the largest fashion brands Calvin Klein and J. Mendelas well as work in Domenico Vacca and Jones Apparel Group.

It would seem that this is already a huge achievement for a young man from a small town in the Vitebsk region, who came to conquer the city of his dreams. However, fate unexpectedly “came to the doorstep” of Sholokhov with opportunities that he had not even thought about before.

In 2012, the producers offered him to take part in the most famous TV show, where several designers compete in their creative abilities with the camera. Leaving a prestigious job and an excellent apartment (during the filming of Sholokhov’s program, the rental period ended, and for a while he had to live with friends), he set off on a journey called Project Runwaywho brought him to the top fashion- olimpa. Of the almost 2000 candidates, he could not only enter the coveted number of 16 finalists, but also become the winner of the project.

After winning the show, Sholokhov’s life spun with unimaginable speed - showing up on New York Fashion Week, cooperation offers from Lord & taylor (The largest US department store - approx.), where his collection of dresses scattered in a matter of days, recognition and the creation of dresses for not the last representatives of American show business.

Today, Dmitry is fully engaged in his brand. Dmitry Sholokhov, the development plans of which are no longer limited to the United States, and which fans appreciate for their innovative approach and high quality.

Just before passing now New York Fashion Week ForumDaily met with Dmitry Sholokhov to talk about his life and work in America and about many other things.

Dmitry, in 18 years you have independently chosen the USA of a new life. Was it a conscious and thoughtful choice, or rather a manifestation of youthful maximalism?

Undoubtedly, many would consider my deed an adventure. To some extent, it was so. At that time, I had just started studying at the Faculty of History and Philology in Belarus, and then for the first time I found myself in the United States under the program Work & Travel USA (student exchange program - author's note).

The first time I spent 4 months in America and, like any participant in this program, I worked hard and tried to get to know a new country. When I returned home, I realized that I was very comfortable in the USA and that it might be worth taking a chance and following my dream. My dream was simple - to study to be a fashion designer. The question "where to go?" I didn't even have it - definitely, Parsons School of Design Is a leading design school in the world.

And after 4, I went out with a degree Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design). These were very intense student years, when you had to study and work at the same time, forgetting about sleep. But undoubtedly it was all worth it.

In addition, the environment helped me a lot: all the difficult moments are brightened up when they are surrounded by the best city on earth - New York.

You have been living in New York for almost 15 years now. How was your relationship with this city built? It is not for nothing that they say that the connection between a person and his place of residence is similar to an interpersonal one - with ups and downs, discord and periods of love. How was it with you with New York? Was he supportive and welcoming, or did he not let you relax for a minute?

I can only say one thing, this city is only for the strongest in spirit people. He can easily break a person, but if you know what you want and why you need it, if you have a clear goal, then New York is the best platform for achieving it. Not everyone will be able to withstand this struggle with the "stone jungle", but believe me, it's worth it - the city knows how to love in return.

My relationship with New York went through several stages - there were periods when I was looking for myself and my place in life, but there were also moments of irresistible love for this city of strength and opportunity.

Recently, many of my friends are moving from New York to other cities and even countries, but this is not a sign of weakness, but rather just a search for a more comfortable place for their own development.

In moments when it seems that you are irretrievably swirling in a whirlpool of difficulties, I always return to my favorite place in the city - the district West Village. Here I lived for almost 7 years, and it is among these houses and streets that I find my comfort zone and have a rest in my soul. In addition, I do a lot of sports and often run along Hudson river, also in the western part of Manhattan - there is a special, positive energy that helps to relax and forget about all the problems.

Dmitry, please tell us, did the fact that you are from Belarus help or hindered you? How did the new society react to you, and how did the process of adaptation to new, completely unfamiliar conditions occur?

I can't say that I was ever uncomfortable or uncomfortable in the States because of my background. My first years in America fell on university, which greatly simplified the adaptation process. And such an educational institution as ParsonsIn principle, it always gathers representatives of all possible countries of the world under its roof.

But, probably, if I first came to a small town somewhere in the Midwest, it would be more difficult for me, and so - The city of immigrants New York has always favorably treated new people and more than once has become an excellent launching pad for the development of international talent.

The fact that I am a Belarusian by nationality never bothered me, rather aroused interest among others, and they began to take an interest in the country, find out where it is and what is known. By the way, I am often mistaken for Russian, although it is not so, and I always emphasize this. I was born in Novopolotsk, and my family still lives there.

Do you remember the first outfit created as an independent designer? Who was your first customer?

My path as a clothing designer began a long time ago - already at the age of 12-13 I made the first sketches of costumes for our dance group (in his youth Dmitry was engaged in sports ballroom dancing for a long time - author's note). Our coach, Inna Eduardovna Golubeva, often contacted me for ideas that I was happy to share. So, one can say, my first clients were children - my dance partner and members of our team.

But if we talk about my first clients, when I became already a professional designer ...

It's hard for me to say who it was, probably I'd rather say about the most memorable experience - it is undoubtedly Heidi Klum. There are a lot of outfits in her wardrobe. Dmitry Sholokhovthan I am very proud.

What are your guidelines for designing collections? What comes first for you - emotion, idea, color or material?

The process of creating my works is always different. When working with private clients, I am increasingly guided by the personality of the person, his lifestyle and interests. In no case am I talking about "adjusting" to the client - just in such cases it is the person who is primary.

When creating collections for the soul, I am inspired by completely different things - it can be a building I saw or a material that I accidentally touched ... and then the creative process starts. The main thing is that everything happens organically - smoothly and gradually.

When preparing collections “to order”, sometimes you have to go forcibly in search of inspiration. But fashion is a phenomenon that stands on the border of business and creativity, and these two components will always be intertwined. So in such moments, the future commercial success of the outfits is also taken into account.

I noticed that you mainly make your public collections during the season. Spring-summer, and in your works there is almost no outerwear. Is this related to the specifics of the brand development? It is well known that most designers, on the contrary, often make collections. Fall-Winterto show a wider range of objects and images.

On the contrary, it seems to me that 80% of my time I make outerwear, as well as suits, trousers and jackets. Again, I work a lot with private clients - I visit London or Paris almost every month - and then what I create depends to a large extent on them.

As part of collaborative collections, I try to present all garments - this was the case with outfits for QVC, where customers could find short coats, jackets, and dresses. My latest collection spring-summer 2016 is also quite extensive in assortment - bombers, skirts, blouses ... It's funny that during my studies at Parsons teachers have repeatedly noted that I am most “strong” in outerwear, although the dresses brought me the first and greatest fame.

What are your plans for brand development? Dmitry Sholokhov? A couple of years ago you had shows in Russia and Belarus (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Belarus Fashion Week), show on New York Fashion Weekpresentations in Stockholm and Mexico, and most recently you took part in Panama Fashion Week. What are you guided by when choosing platforms for presentations? Do you position yourself as an American designer or as an international one?

Cosmopolitans by definition, artists do not have a specific nationality. Yes, I was born in Belarus, but from a professional point of view, I rather consider myself to be American designers - those who are called based in NYC - largely because of the education that I received in this country.

Speaking about shows in different countries, the choice of venues is determined by the availability of time, my interest in the project and the priorities I have. There are a lot of invitations to participate - from Chile to Canada - but then you start to think about the commercial side of such a show. A presentation on a foreign site is associated with high costs for transporting the collection and other preparation costs, so you have to carefully choose projects to participate.

From the plans for the development of the brand, it would be interesting for me to work on the creation of sportswear, largely because during my professional activity I have already managed to cover all segments fashion- audience - had experience in creating clothes for the mass market, there were projects in the segment contemporary fashion (collection for Lord & taylor), and now I'm focusing on the direction High End.

And finally, such a question: in your interviews you have repeatedly said that dreams come true, and you only need to work hard and believe in yourself. What helped you not to go astray? What did you find support in difficult times?

You know, the whole process of making my dream come true took me almost 10 years - a rather long period. And I still think that I am only at the beginning of my journey. After all, the realization of one dream is followed by the appearance of a new one.

Probably the main thing that helps to “stay afloat” is belief in yourself and your own strengths, understanding what you want, and also the ability to accept the changes that accompany your path. Often, in the process of achieving it, a dream takes on a completely different look, not the one you initially thought, or new opportunities appear. So, I never really thought about Project Runway, and could not even suggest that I would become a project participant twice. But, as you can see, did not lose.

I can only wish everyone not to give up and clearly keep the goal! Well concept of positive thinking has never been superfluous!

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