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How to pack your entire life in 2 suitcases: things that are not worth taking when moving to the USA


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What should an immigrant not take with him when moving to America? Says the author of the channel Amerussian girl on Yandex Zen.

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In fact, everything is very simple. If possible, you need to take and pack your life in two suitcases. Moving is always good. This is a great chance to mess up your life, get rid of unnecessary things, understand what is weighing on you, and get rid of it.

Despite this, often people take with them to another continent all the accumulated trash that they then have to throw away. Do not do like this.

So, below is a short list of what is best left at home.

1. Appliances

You won't even need a hairdryer. Firstly, in the USA, the power is different - 110 volts. The devices will either break down or just barely work. Secondly, other sockets.

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2. Furniture

Most likely, everything will be in your future apartments. If not, you can buy it at very affordable prices at a local fair for the first time. Or even pick up for free from those who update the interior. This is a perfectly normal practice.

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3. A lot of clothes

Don't drag your entire wardrobe with you. Take your favorite things - the highest quality ones or those that are dear to you. Base - jeans, T-shirts, trousers better take for recycling.

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4. Linens

There is no point in cluttering up the suitcase. First, everything is very accessible here. Secondly, other sizes.

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5. Specific worldview

Perhaps the most important. Leave a non-American worldview at home. It seems to me that in the United States you need to go to internally free and ambitious people. With proper management of your life, you can achieve all your goals.

There will be a lot of surprises here - whimsically and brightly dressed people, guys with make-up, kissing gay couples, girls who wear ultra-short skirts in contrast to Muslim women dressed in all black. There is a lot of contrast here, which at first piques everyone's curiosity. It is important to respect someone else’s life, someone else’s decisions, someone else’s choice - be it hair color, clothing, or a partner. Everyone has the right to live the way he wants.

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Of course not everyone, but many Russians who travel especially little have a mania to insult what is beyond their thinking. This must be left at home and never, not taken anywhere with you. If only because you have the same right to your personality.

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