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How to learn English from TV shows and songs: techniques that increase efficiency by 5-10 times



If you have already tried many difficult ways to learn English, but have not noticed much progress, there is good news. You can learn the language with the help of series and songs. How to make it really useful, and not just sit on the couch, watching the next episode at three in the morning, for said Nikolay Yagodkin, founder of the Advance Center for Educational Technologies. Further - from the first person.

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Today I will explain a convenient technique for working with songs and series. However, it must be said that this makes sense only when you understand 70-80% of the information. Otherwise, migrants, having been in the linguistic environment for 24 hours, would have mastered the language in two ways (and they have lived for decades and do not speak well).

The usefulness of this method is that it “pumps” not only the listening comprehension skill, but also significantly enriches the vocabulary, introducing new vocabulary into practice. Also, the method creates the illusion of a "lazy regime", because everyone is used to the fact that learning English is a matter of all life. You need to sit down, “get tired” with exercises, and in our case, you can simply study with pleasure on interesting material (even on the road).

When we hear foreign speech, 99% of the effort goes into recognizing words and plugging holes in the lack of knowledge of their translation, thereby understanding is not pumped.

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What good are the series

If you need colloquial speech, I would advise you to start with the series, because there are the most frequent colloquial phrases - you will work them out. Do not be afraid to take friends you already know, because you will understand the context, and it will be even easier. There is no difference for the comprehension skill - a new and complex series or a well-forgotten old one.

Most importantly - forget about subtitles while watching! This is useless, otherwise half the world would speak English fluently, because most foreign films in some countries come out without translation, only with subtitles.

Another plus of the series is their duration, because you have time to get used to the characters, their pronunciation and vocabulary. The series, as a rule, has a theme: medical, legal, youth. In addition, the characters use the same words. This means that in the first series there will be a huge number of unfamiliar words (for example, 100 or more). But do not rush to return to boring textbooks - in the second one there will be substantially less of them, because you will learn the most used ones. With each series, the number of such words will decrease. Thus, after 5-10 episodes, you can enjoy the series without translation.

Series Algorithm

So, first of all, download the subtitles of your series and learn all the unfamiliar words. Then start watching (without subtitles!) And try to understand what is happening. The brain will be oriented toward understanding, because he knows all the words. Try to translate not by words, but semantically, given the meaning of the whole phrase. If it doesn’t come out, go back for 10-15 seconds, turn on the English subtitles and read (that you didn’t hear / did not understand / missed / learned with a different value).

This method is 5-10 times more effective than simple browsing!

There is still a secret to improve your comprehension skills and to remember words well. If you work out one series several times, you will easily understand it, and all the words will be fixed in memory. It's boring, but with the first episodes, I recommend doing it. There are no such problems with songs - they are funny, with rhythm and are available everywhere (at the wheel, in training), you just need to choose your favorite group. Repetition will be multiple. The only downside is that the speech in the songs is less conversational.

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Algorithm for songs

Take the lyrics, sound recordings and literary translation. Listen to the song first, trying to recognize familiar words. Then listen a second time, already with the text (watch which words you didn’t hear by ear and which ones you simply didn’t know). Then highlight the unfamiliar words and learn. Then listen to the song again and try to understand the meaning. Only after that go on to literary translation (compare where and what is understood correctly / incorrectly). When you fully understand the song, add it to the player.

Other subtleties and tricks

If you know the language well, then you can not translate the words, but go directly to the literary translation. If you work with a computer, then use the special extension for browsers, where by double-clicking on a word you call its translation. This is also convenient when working with subtitles. Another secret - with the same technique you can get ready to listen to lectures / podcasts.

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