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Like Diana: Kate Middleton saw signs of a serious illness.


Source: Columnist

The Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William Kate Middleton, was suspected of bulimia, a disease in which a person eats uncontrollably and then causes vomiting. Princess Diana suffered from the same ailment.

According to the Business Times, this rumor was spread by fans concerned about her health due to excessive thinness, and former chef Darren McGreyd added fuel to the fire, writes Columnist.

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It has been suggested that Middleton suffers from the eating disorder that Princess Diana had. According to McGrady, who was preparing for the 15 family of monarchs for years, he perceived her strange preferences quite normally. After all, at that time did not yet know what bulimia is.

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“I never talked about the food I cooked for her, about the stupid things she asked for, so I didn't want to talk about it, believing that it was so right,” said the ex-chef.

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It clarifies that there is no specific medical record stating that Middleton may suffer from bulimia. While the rumor spread around the net, fans of the Duchess stood up to defend her. After all, she carefully monitors the way of life.

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