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As a supermodel who earned millions of dollars, became homeless and lives on the street


Source: TVNZ

Nastassja Urbano, whose face adorned the cover of “Vogue”, now spends the night on the floor near ATMs.

At the end of 80, the face of Spanish beauty Nastasya Urbano graced the covers of many magazines, including Vogue. The model became famous all over the world after it signed a contract with the French fashion house Yves Saint Lauren, writes TVNZ.

In 1988, Nastasya became the “face” of the famous Opium perfume, replacing Linda Evangelist in this post. The promotional video for her participation in 1992 was shot by the legendary David Lynch. The director of Twin Peaks made a short video with Nastasya so juicy that he was banned from being shown in several countries at once.

Today Nastasya is 57 years old and she is homeless. The world-renowned fashion model has lost her entire fortune and home and cannot feed herself by feeding on beggars from passersby and the money of a few friends. The former supermodel lives on the streets of her native Barcelona, ​​and she has nothing for her soul.

Nastassja Urbano usually spends the night on the floor near ATMs, taking advantage of the fact that banks are obliged to provide their clients with round-the-clock access to money machines. Her numerous glories on the Internet now remind her of her former glory.

- When I was 20, I moved from Europe to New York. I worked with Ford Models. For several years in a row, I was paid a million dollars a year, even if I worked for only 20 days, ”Nastasya said in an interview with the Daily Mail. - I dined with Jack Nicholson, Roman Polanski and Andy Warhol, hung out with Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

A sharp turn in the life of a fashion model occurred when she met her husband and father of her children. According to Nastasya, this man ruined her.

- The only good thing about our marriage is our children. Everything else was terrible, says Urbano. - He paid for everything with my money. Just two days after we met, he wanted me to buy him a BMW. I signed the check - I was in love like a fool.

Husband has ravaged the model. She sold her own house and gradually moved from one apartment to another until she realized that she was not able to pay the rent.

Now Nastasya does not maintain relations with children, because she is ashamed of her current situation. The former star of the cover left two friends from the fashion world - models Ruth Schuler and Hernando Herrera, who, as they can, support her. All Nastasya dreams of is to stand up again and find a roof over his head.

“I want to live, not try to survive,” she says. - I'm tired of begging friends for money. All my acquaintances turned away from me. I don't want my children to be ashamed of me - I want them to see me well. I want to get back on my feet and become a person so they can be proud of me.

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