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How to create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones if you are very tired



Pre-holiday December is a difficult time. Blockages at work and at home, chores with gifts and organizing a celebration will wear down anyone. Such is the paradox: the most magical and wonderful time of the year becomes a source of stress and moral exhaustion. The blame is the total commercialization of the New Year, believes

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But you can quickly and without problems create a New Year's mood for yourself and your loved ones. How?

Add fire

New Year is light, a lot of light. Lights on Christmas trees, garlands on buildings and windows - let the festive fire into your space. You will immediately feel how the degree of mood is creeping up.

You can limit yourself to one modest garland or hang a light curtain on the window. Both options will transform the room, and you will definitely want to purr under your breath something from Frank Sinatra's winter repertoire.

Fill your home with the scent of the holiday

Cinnamon, cloves and orange - what associations does this trinity have in you? That's right, New Year! The simplest home fragrance can be made with your own hands in just a couple of minutes.

Take a citrus and stick a few sticks of cloves into it. Tie the design with a beautiful ribbon, put it on the chest of drawers and enjoy the holiday spirit.

If you are too lazy to mess around, pay attention to scented candles in stores. This option will add romance to the room and fill it with a magical aroma.

You can go even further and fill the house with the smell of spicy spices by preparing delicious mulled wine - a traditional Christmas drink. It will warm the body and soul, help to distract from worries.

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Tear up the to-do list

Yes, that's right - get rid of the to-do list that is a stone on your soul, or make it as easy as possible. Leave the most important or simple things like "meet friends", "walk to the kitchen for a fresh scoop of ice cream."

Psychologists believe that latent or overt perfectionism causes holiday fatigue. The desire to do everything and do everything perfectly kills the holiday mood. Health experts urge to create and preserve only those family traditions that do not cause internal conflict.

Get rid of rituals that annoy everyone

It often happens that the old family ritual infuriates everyone and becomes the main reason for quarrels and conflicts. If this is your case, get rid of the provoking factor.

For example, sometimes the joint decoration of the Christmas tree becomes the cause of quarrels. The idea that the battle over the color of the balloons will start again from scratch, discourages the desire to celebrate. In this case, for example, you can limit yourself to one live spruce sprig without decorations, put on a festive table.

Well, if the conflict is still ripe, we advise you to use a special phrase that will help you get out of the beginning family conflict. Say a neutral "Let's discuss this another time" and leave the place of the escalating conflict by switching to kitchen chores.

Please your inner child

Be a kid for at least a couple of hours and do what kids do on holidays. Unfold gifts, make faces in front of the mirror, watch cartoons (we won't believe that you have no loved ones), eat cookies and sweets in bed, and hide candy wrappers under the mattress.

Yes, tomorrow you have to take up the cleaning, but let it be tomorrow. Today it is imperative to be a child. Such rest will fill you with energy, which will definitely come in handy on holidays.

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Use overtime

Pre-holiday strict timing can spoil the mood. You need to do a lot of things and meet a tight time. Try not only to get rid of unnecessary things, but also to throw a little more time on what is still on the list. By eliminating yourself from the pre-New Year's race, you will remain optimistic and will not get tired ahead of time.

Feel free to delegate. Instead of fiddling with a signature dessert all night, let a party guest bring a cake from the store.

Nothing terrible will happen, but you will get enough sleep and be in the right mood for the celebration.

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