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How to stay in shape if you love chocolate, but are not friends with sports



The finalist of the Voice project and the ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Elmira Kalimullina told how she manages to keep her figure. She revealed the 5 main secrets of harmony, writes Next - from the first person.

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Learn to listen to yourself and your body

Let's be honest: absolutely every girl on the eve of spring begins to think that it would be nice to go on a diet and clean up after the winter holidays. Previously, I also loaded my head with these questions, I was constantly in search of a “miraculous diet” that could save me from the consequences of a feast in the shortest possible time. Not immediately, I confess, but there was an awareness of the most important thing - you need to be able to listen to yourself.

It may sound trite, but it's actually not that simple. Life in a big city in general is similar to the movement of a squirrel in a wheel. We do many things in our life out of inertia and are not aware of what is happening. This is directly related to nutrition. Indeed, after a hearty lunch, you should definitely treat yourself to a delicious dessert and drink fragrant tea. More often than not, this is a habit of collective Soviet upbringing, and not our true desire.

Having tried many diets and nutrition programs, I really found a panacea - you need to eat whatever you want, but know everything in moderation. There is nothing wrong with eating chocolate if your body signals it. Just let it be 2-3 pieces, not a whole tile.

Stop being afraid of eating

I'm serious! Try to start enjoying life and food. I remember how once I savored one grape for almost five minutes - I wanted grapes so much, and I realized that I had eaten it. Therefore, I do not limit myself in food. I can allow anything. For example, due to my national Tatar customs, I like to drink tea with milk since childhood.

Many doctors say that this is very harmful, and drinking tea with milk is dangerous for health. On tour outside of Russia, I accidentally met a psychotherapist, a doctor of medical sciences, who answered my question “Is it true that tea with milk is harmful to the body?” replied: "If you drink tea with milk and enjoy it, then it is absolutely good for you." Of course, I do not urge, with thoughts of a toned figure, to immediately fearlessly pounce on buns and believe that they will put your body in order, since you get great pleasure from them! But I am convinced that the fear of gaining weight drives us ourselves into terrible stress and provokes the “jamming” of the problem.

Banal advice, but - drink water

I do not quite agree with the advice about the obligatory two liters of water a day. Each person has their own individual norm. But I think that a liter and a half of clean drinking water (not tea, coffee, juices) is absolutely normal. I know for myself how the skin of the face and the condition of the hair react to the lack of sufficient water.

For example, during the filming of the “Golden Horde” series, glue and soot were applied to my face (the heroine, according to the script, suffers the plague), and this was a real test. Saved only drinking water and a large amount of moisturizer. And I also have a daily ritual - a glass of clean water in the morning on an empty stomach before the main meal. Perfectly helps the body wake up.

Find a convenient form of physical activity

By my nature, I am not the most athletic girl, although I studied in a militia class, I did a lot of physical training and even know how to handle weapons. Going to the gym is not so easy for me, but I was able to negotiate with my own body and found a pleasant type of activity for me - dancing. Now 2-3 once a week I go to group dance classes, communicate with other girls and get a lot of energy.

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Start small: try to be outdoors for 40-50 minutes a day, think about which of the sports you are least disgusted with. It could be dancing, swimming, running or yoga. It is especially pleasant that, thanks to the latest technology, you can study using phone applications without leaving your home.

Love breakfast - it's delicious

I sincerely do not understand people who can leave for work without breakfast and drink coffee on the run with hunger. Probably, there was not a single morning that I did not eat porridge or scrambled eggs. From early childhood, my mother taught me to have a hearty breakfast, which was a source of energy for me for the whole day. Now the main meals for me are breakfast and lunch, dinner can be replaced with a light salad or lean fish.

Recently, I was given a yogurt maker, and now several times a week I eat homemade yogurt or cottage cheese, adding homemade jam or honey. Tasty, satisfying and affordable, and most importantly - now at home there is no problem “what would you eat for breakfast?”.

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