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How to keep warm in a cold house: 14 proven life hacks


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Cold in the home is not only in Russia. Arriving on a visit to a German or an Englishman, you will find his home very cool, and the Japanese have no central heating at all. Yes, and for the United States there are frequent news that because of accidents, repairs and other communal collapses, residents of American cities remain without heat. How to warm in a cold home?

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1. Hang thick curtains: open them in the morning and close at dusk

With the onset of late autumn and winter, thin curtains on the windows need to be replaced with thick curtains and close them as soon as it starts to get dark on the street, writes Rambler. Thick curtains will play the role of thermal insulator and protect the house from the cold air currents. This is especially true if the windows are blown (unfortunately, not only old wooden windows, but also some modern plastic windows) are a sin.

During the day, the curtains need to be opened, while the wider the better. Sunlight and heat will enter the room through the window. It is clear that the temperature will increase by a maximum of 1 – 2 degrees, but still being in a room at lunchtime will be much more comfortable.

2. Fill the foot bath

Before sitting down on the sofa in front of the TV or sitting in an armchair with a good book, bring a basin of hot water into the room and arrange a foot bath for yourself. It will warm not only your legs, but also the space around you. As soon as the water has cooled down, wear wool socks.

3. Buy an electric blanket or sheet

Go to a cold bed? Even to think about it is unpleasant. It happens that you cover yourself with three blankets, but you still cannot warm up and fall asleep. To sleep only in a warm bed, use an electric sheet or blanket. They are equipped with special heating elements and have several temperature regimes. Turn on the sheet for 15 – 20 minutes before bedtime and go about your business. Come back - and the bed is already dry and warm.

Electrosheets are completely safe, because they are equipped with an automatic shutdown system, while you choose the time yourself (usually you need to turn off the sheet after three to seven hours of work). Sheet power is 40 – 100 Watts, but much depends on the model and size of the device. And, by the way, the electric sheet can be washed (the cable with which the sheet is heated is removable).

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4. Open the bathroom door after bathing

Have a hot shower? Great, have warmed yourself, now warm the apartment. Not all, of course, but at least a corridor or a bedroom next to it. After bathing, the air in the bathroom becomes warm and humid, so it would be nice to let it out. Unfortunately, the heating effect will disappear within half an hour, but it is better than nothing.

5. Wear very warm slippers and pajamas.

Well, here everything is obvious: when it is cold, dress warmer. Residents of countries in which it is customary to save heat wear trousers and sweaters at home, and sleep in thick pajamas and wool socks. And do not forget about the cozy warm slippers. If in the morning they do not stand by your bed, it is better not to get out of bed at all. For those who are especially freezing, they come up with heated slippers, to which a USB cable is connected.

6. Place a foil panel between the battery and the wall.

Think for yourself: the batteries warm the room on one side, and the concrete wall on the other side. Why should we give heat to concrete? Put a kind of barrier between the wall and the battery in the form of a small panel covered with foil (the most common, kitchen). The foil will reflect the precious heat back into the room, and it will not run away through the cold wall.

7. Move

Movement is life. And warm. And to warm up, you need to move! Physical activity increases heart rate, improves blood circulation and stimulates fever. Do a little exercise: sit down, shake the press, lean back and forth. After all, arrange cleaning in the kitchen or in the bathroom. So you not only get warm quickly, but also get an excellent figure and a clean apartment. Isn't that great?

8. After baking, leave the oven door open.

Perhaps this is not the safest method to heat the apartment, so if you have small children or curious pets, give up the oven. But if you are sure that no one will climb into the hot oven until you turn away, then feel free to use this method of heating the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Suppose delicious cookies are ready, you have already turned off the oven. Then leave the oven door open, let the heat out. And although the kitchen, which is constantly cooked, is already the hottest place in the house, you can warm up here a little longer than usual.

REMEMBER: the oven must be turned off!

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9. Turn on the ceiling fan on 5 – 10 minutes

Fan in the fall and winter? What for? It's simple: warm air goes up, and cold air always stays below. Therefore, we need a fan: it will stir air, warm will connect with cold - and the temperature in the room will become a couple of degrees more comfortable. Turn on the ceiling fan to the weakest mode, otherwise the air will not mix, but will cool, and you will completely freeze.

10. Scatter plaids around the apartment

The more warm rugs in your apartment, the better. They can lie on every sofa and every seat. They began to freeze - threw a blanket over his shoulders, warmed up - put the blanket aside. Plus, pretty plaids are stylish interior items.

By the way, now blankets with sleeves are popular: it is very convenient to read a book in them, work at a computer or drink hot tea.

11. Stock up on hot water bottles

Of course, electric sheet is the result of technical progress, but hot water in a rubber heater or a simple plastic bottle was, is and will be one of the simplest and most effective means for heating a bed or body. No wonder the servants put copper heaters in the bed of their masters a few centuries ago. And now the rules of the game have not changed: put a heating pad in your bed before going to bed - and enjoy the warmth.

It should be noted that on sale there are special heaters that can be put in the microwave. Heat it for one minute - and you can use it. In addition, there are salt water heater: it is heated by the crystallization of salt. The temperature of such a heater reaches 52 degrees Celsius.

12. Brew warming teas

What does “warming” mean? “Any hot tea warms,” you say. Yes, you can’t argue with this, but still autumn-winter teas must necessarily contain special ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, lemon, honey, cloves, pepper. Here, for example, is a ginger tea recipe with apple and lime:

  • 0,5 L of water;
  • 3 – 4 cm ginger root;
  • a pinch of cinnamon;
  • 1 tsp green tea;
  • 3 tsp flower honey;
  • cloves;
  • 1 / 2 lemon;
  • slices of green apple and lime.

Method of preparation:

  1. peel ginger root and finely chop;
  2. pour water into a saucepan, add ginger, cinnamon, cloves;
  3. bring to a boil and cook 10 minutes;
  4. put honey and lemon (squeeze juice out of lemon and throw leftovers into the saucepan);
  5. boil another 5 minutes;
  6. brew green tea in a teapot, strain hot broth into it;
  7. pour into cups by adding slices of green apple and lime. Done!

13. Heat the bed with a hairdryer

How else can you warm the bed before bed? Dry it with a hot dryer! It is useful to you not only for cooled bed linen, but also for clothes and shoes. Remember the safety rules: the hairdryer should not be covered with a blanket or other cloth - it can overheat and cause a fire.

14. Cuddle

Keep warm with your loved ones and be happy. And then no cold is terrible. This is not only a unique remedy for all seasons, but also a panacea for all emotions. Feel annoyed - go hugging with loved ones. Or, for example, you are on a diet, and someone cooked pastries, and then opened the oven to preserve heat. Ignore the kitchen and go for a dose of hugs in the bedroom or nursery. Believe me, this is better than cookies. Autumn and winter are the times when you need to give and receive warmth!

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