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How to relieve nasal congestion in a minute: osteopath tips


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The causes of nasal congestion are different, so a runny nose is different. If we are talking about a common cold, nasal congestion passes immediately after a person's recovery. This is normal. But this does not always happen: many people “breathe badly” regardless of the presence of a cold, and their runny nose becomes chronic. In this case, know: there are obvious consequences of a skull injury.

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What to do, says expert consultant Home Hearth Osteopath Vladimir Zhivotov.

When striking the face or forehead, with nose injuries, the outflow of blood from the mucosa in the sinuses is disturbed, swelling of the mucosa occurs, which narrows the nasal passages.

And traditional treatments for the common cold are completely useless. Often, people for years have been unsuccessfully struggling with chronic nasal congestion and cannot understand what is wrong with them. In fact, the usual means and methods of treatment cannot restore the mobility of the bones of the face and, as a result, reduce swelling. Sprays create the effect of temporary relief, but globally they do not solve the problem, and even worse, they are addictive. I have often seen such patients in my practice: they literally "sit" on sprays, which at some point cease to bring even short-term relief.

How does a vasoconstrictor spray work?

The composition of such funds includes sympathomimetics. They cause a sharp narrowing of the vessels, due to which the mucous membrane is bled. Its swelling and volume are sharply reduced - a person breathes easier. As you can see, waiting for the prolonged effect of such a “treatment” is pointless. Sooner or later, the body will develop immunity, and the remedy will cease to help at all, in the meantime, the mucous membrane will atrophy, dry out, which over time will cause significant respiratory discomfort. And it can be irreversible.

After a while, a person simply takes it for granted, getting used to such a state. A similar symptom affects people who receive strong blows to the nose, forehead, cheekbones, sometimes repeated. And you can forget about these injuries, because most often they occur in childhood.

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Chronic nasal congestion and birth injury

What is the connection here? During childbirth, the baby's head is compressed, including the bones of the face, which becomes the cause of the above changes. As a result, the baby sniffs loudly, which is especially clearly heard at night, hardly breathes with its nose.

Why breathing through the mouth is bad

Many people with nasal congestion for years can live with this symptom. It would seem that this?

In fact, nature did not conceive us like that. Man is designed so that breathing is carried out exclusively through the nose. The sinuses have an appropriate structure: this is a filter, passing through which, the air softens, cleans, warms up.

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Mouth breathing requires tension in the muscles of the neck and face. This also has its negative consequences: conditions are created that promote venous congestion and impaired blood circulation in the skull. Dry, untreated air, entering through the mouth into the bronchi and lungs, often causes colds.

What to do if stuffy nose

Of course, there is always a way out. Even if the problem is started and it is completely impossible to improve one or another condition, there are good chances to correct the situation.

If chronic nasal congestion, it is first necessary to eliminate the consequences of a birth or acquired injury, that is, restore the correct position and mobility of the bones of the nasal sinuses, so that the mucous membrane gets rid of excess fluid, the swelling subsides and air flows freely.

There is one more way out - operation. Often people who have suffered injuries to their face or nose are offered this method of treating nasal congestion. But, as you now understand, the operation does not eliminate the cause of congestion - trauma, and the conditions for mucosal edema also persist.

We often managed to correct the situation with osteopathic treatment, even in cases where the patient was offered surgical intervention. I believe that operations should be a last resort, when nothing can help and the situation is critical.

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Dear readers, I want to immediately stipulate this point: I do not give recommendations on how to independently get rid of the consequences of a birth injury. Only an osteopath can do this. And you cannot cure chronic nasal congestion yourself. But there are two very effective and proven ways to ease nasal breathing without resorting to sprays.

Remember two simple exercises:

Stroking the forehead. Using your fingers on both hands, smooth the forehead in the direction from the nose bridge up somewhere to the middle of the forehead. Pressure should be moderate, but pressure must be present.

Place your elbows on the table. Rest your cheekbones in the base of the palms. Now slowly stretch your cheekbones to the sides. This method works with a common cold. And you will immediately feel the effect: breathing through the nose will improve significantly. As an option, bend the index fingers with a hook and use the middle phalanges to stretch the cheekbones with repeated movements.

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