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How to remove gel polish at home while beauty salons are quarantined


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During the quarantine period, beauty and nail salons are considered “minor” businesses and are closed en masse. What if you wear a gel polish manicure and did not have time to remove it from a professional master? There are several ways to get rid of the coating at home - but remember that they are all designed for force majeure and should not be applied regularly. Tells "Today".

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Gel polish is very popular with modern fashionistas due to its chic appearance and useful ability to stay on the nails much longer than regular varnish. But even such beauty comes its due date, and many girls face the question of how to remove gel polish from nails at home. Read our nail care tips and remove gel polish correctly and safely.

The gel polish on the nails holds firmly and firmly, but it’s more difficult to remove it than ordinary varnish. Many resort to the services of a master in the salon. But you can carry out this procedure yourself, saving time and money. The main thing is to know the secret of how to remove gel polish at home. There are several ways, and we will look at each of them.

How to remove gel polish at home without foil

This method of removing beauty from nails is applicable only in emergency cases when you need to quickly get rid of the remnants of gel polish.

Take the acetone polish remover and pour it into the bowl, and then dip the nails into it. They should soak for 7-10 minutes. When the gel polish begins to exfoliate, you can remove it with an orange stick. And at the end of the procedure, grease your hands with cream.

The disadvantage of this method of getting rid of gel polish is that in case of frequent use, an aggressive nail polish remover will dry out the nails and skin of the hands.

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How to remove gel polish at home: the classic method

For this method of removing gel polish, it is preferable to use a special liquid. But for lack of it, you can use an acetone agent.

Prepare pieces of foil about 4 cm by 4 cm in size. Cut the cotton sponges into rectangles roughly in the shape of your nails. Lubricate the cuticle with protective oil. Soak the sponges thoroughly with a remover, put them on your nails and wrap each finger tightly in foil. After 10 minutes, sponge off the remaining varnish. Then polish the surface of each nail with a buff.

How to remove gel polish at home: using a nail file

You can also remove gel polish from nails at home using a soft nail file or a milling cutter, which should carefully cut the top coat and color. It is advisable to use a cutter made of high quality ceramic. Such a device does not heat up, does not have a burning effect and does not damage a natural nail. In order not to damage the nail plate, you do not need to press hard on the nail while filing the gel polish.

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