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How did the fate of 15 beauties Soviet cinema


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Do not be born beautiful, but be born happy - the old truth. It would seem that the heroines of our article are endowed with a stunning magnetic appearance, are shot in films and play in the theater, they are loved and remembered by millions of viewers. But are they happy? It would seem that the most successful and attractive women will have a difficult fate in our article.

We are sure that you, like us, love Soviet cinema and will easily recognize these talented actresses. But the way the lives of many of them have come together will surely surprise you, writes

Natalia Fateeva (1934)

Photo: still from the movie / YouTube

He is widely known for his roles in the films “Three plus two”, “Children of Don Quixote”, “The meeting place cannot be changed”, “A man from Boulevard des Capucines”, “Gentlemen of fortune”. The actress was married three times, she has two children (a son from actor Vladimir Basov and a daughter from cosmonaut Boris Yegorov) and have grandchildren, but she practically does not communicate with them. Despite her age and illness, she continues to act in films and lead a public life, has awards and titles.

Anastasia Vertinskaya (1944)

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All-Union fame actress brought the role of Guttiere in the movie "Amphibian Man", followed by "Hamlet", "War and Peace" and others. Since 2000-s, the actress has gone from active stage work, but she is busy on television and is engaged in a charitable foundation. She was married to Nikita Mikhalkov (there is a son Stepan) and Alexander Gradsky (unofficially).

Elina Bystritskaya (1928)

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The actress starred in such tapes as “The Quiet Don”, “On Peaceful Days”, “Unfinished Tale”, “Everything Remains for People”, was named the best actress of the year 1955. Since the end of the 60-s played only in the theater and rejected all the proposals for the shooting, considering the role frivolous, which resulted in 27-year break in the shooting. He is engaged in social activities, charity, has many titles and awards, still plays in the theater, gives solo concerts. She was married to Nikolai Kuzminsky, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, no children.

Natalia Varley (1947)

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Who does not know the most famous role of Natalia Varley - “Nina’s students, Komsomol and just beautiful women” in the “Prisoner of the Caucasus”. After graduating from the acrobatic department of the School of Circus and Variety Art, she accidentally got into a movie. The actress has several dozen film roles (“Viy”, “12 chairs”, “Three days in Moscow”) and theater, voice acting, work on television. She writes poetry, has state awards, is actively engaged in social activities today. She was married three times, there are two sons (one from marriage with Vladimir Tikhonov), now she lives alone.

Lyubov Orlova (1902 – 1975)

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Amazing Orlova was a universal artist, ballerina, singer, fluent in several languages, played the piano. Her name is associated with the formation of the Soviet cinema 1930-ies, and the films "Spring", "Volga, Volga", "Jolly Fellows", "Circus" are considered classics. The actress was loved by the authorities, the public, spoke at the front and received many awards and honors. She was married twice and mostly starred with her second spouse, director Grigory Alexandrov. She died of pancreatic cancer, no children.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya (1940)

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Despite several dozen roles in the cinema and theater, the most memorable for the actress was the small role of the fatal seductress in the Diamond Hand (1968). In the 80-e and 90-e actress almost never acted, with her husband she had to leave the theater and even earn a living, removing someone else's apartment. She was married twice (to actor Vladimir Ivashov and bard Sergey Smirnov-Sokolsky), gave birth to two sons from her first husband (youngest child died), has a granddaughter and great-grandson. Today leads an active social life, attends various events.

Natalia Kustinskaya (1938 – 2012)

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The beauty is widely known for his roles in the films “Three plus Two”, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession”, “Eternal Call”. In the midst of a career, she fell unsuccessfully and received a fracture of the base of the skull, which for a long time made me forget about the shooting. She was married six times, gave birth in the second marriage of her only son (he starred in the film “Effigy”), who died under unknown circumstances some time after the death of her own child, the grandson of the actress. At the end of her life, the artist was seriously ill, suffered from depression and loneliness.

Irina Alferova (1951)

Photo: still from the movie / YouTube

The actress became famous throughout the Union during her studies at GITIS, having played in “Walking on torments”, followed by the role of Constance in the famous film “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”, which turned her into a real star. She has several dozen roles in the cinema and theater, but many of them were secondary, she plays and acts now. She was married three times. From her first husband, Boyko Gyurov, there is a daughter, Ksenia, a famous actress. Her second husband was Alexander Abdulov, with whom they not only lived 17 for years, but also starred in several films. Since 1995, married to actor Sergei Martynov, raised three adopted children.

Natalia Sedykh (1948)

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This actress with a thin melodic voice is best known for the role of Nastya in the fairy tale "Frost" and Alyonushka in the film "Fire, Water and ... copper pipes." Young Natalya was engaged in figure skating, and at one of her performances and saw the director Alexander Roe. She graduated from the choreographic school and was accepted into the troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, with whom she toured a lot, was a soloist. Since 1990 has been playing in the theater “At the Nikitsky Gate”, 10 has been married to the composer Viktor Lebedev for years, has a son Alexey.

Lyudmila Gurchenko (1935 – 2011)

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All-Union fame and popularity of the actress brought the role of Lenochka Krylova in the film "Carnival Night", without which we do not meet a single New Year. This was followed by the film “The Girl with the Guitar”, the script of which was written specifically for her, but did not have the same deafening success. Refusing to cooperate with the KGB, the artist has almost disappeared from the screens for almost 10 years, earned her participation in concerts at factories and traveling around the country. From the beginning 70-x returned to the screen, played a lot in the movie, her name thundered after the roles in the films "Straw Hat", "Old Walls", "Twenty Days Without War", "Love and Doves", "Station for Two". She was married six times, in the second marriage a daughter was born (now deceased), there is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter. The eldest grandson died, because of which the actress was very worried. She died of pulmonary thromboembolism due to a hip fracture.

Lucien Ovchinnikov (1931 – 1999)

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The role of the beautiful Katy from the legendary film “Girls” brought the national love to the actress. Then followed “Nine days of one year”, “Morning trains”, “Loyalty”, “Journalist”, “Great change”. But the main role she got only one - in the movie "Mom Married." She lived in an unregistered marriage with director Vladimir Khramov, and then with actor Alexander Kholodkov. Officially, she was married to actor Valentin Kozlov, with whom she lived 32, and died four months after his death, without suffering this blow. Children the actress was not.

Natalia Selezneva (1945)

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The actress's popularity came after Leonid Gaidai’s role as Lida in “Operation Y”, they adore her for her work in the films “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”, “It Cannot Be!” And Mrs. Katharina from the television “Zucchini 13 chairs”. The actress is removed today, working in the theater. On the set of the film “Kalif-Stork” met Vladimir Andreev. They are married to 1968, they have a son, Egor, and three grandchildren.

Ekaterina Savinova (1926 – 1970)

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A talented actress with a naturally powerful voice entered the world of cinema with the role of Lyubochka in the film “Kuban Cossacks”. But her further fate was distorted by Ivan Pyriev, the head of Mosfilm, to whose courtship she did not answer and was blacklisted for it. She had to concentrate on theatrical work, but even there the artist did not receive major roles. The most important and notable role of the actress is Frosya Burlakova from the film “Come tomorrow ...”, which was shot by her husband Yevgeny Tashkov, bypassing all Pyriev's prohibitions. For nine years, Savinova was seriously ill with brucellosis, having drunk once on the set of fresh milk, and had to stay in the hospital for months. Knowing that the disease was incurable and she could no longer achieve her aspirations, the actress threw herself under the train. She has a son, Andrei, now also a famous actor.

Olga Ostroumova (1947)

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The actress began her career with the film “We Will Live Till Monday”, and the whole country recognized her overnight. The role of Zhenya Komelkova in the cult film “And the Dawns Here are Quiet”, Vasilisa in “Vasily and Vasilisa”, the daughter of a professor in “Garage”, secured success. On the account of the actress a few dozen theatrical roles, she plays and acts in film today. She was married to fellow student Boris Annaberdyev, with director Mikhail Levitin, from whom there are two children. Raises three grandchildren. The third husband of the actress is Valentin Gaft, a famous artist.

Natalia Gvozdikova (1948)

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The actress is known for her roles in the films “Born by the Revolution”, “Big Change”, “Oh, this Nastya”. On the set in 1974, she met actor Yevgeny Zharikov, who became her husband. With him, the actress lived until his death in 2012, forgiving the betrayal that had opened one day and the presence of a second family with two children. Now continues to act in films and plays in the theater. There is a son Fedor.

As you can see, the beauty and profession of an actress does not always guarantee a woman happiness.

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