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How did the fate of Natalia's 'Little Faith' resent


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The first Soviet actress who graced the cover of an American magazine Playboy moved to the USA and returned to Russia, best known for the film "Little Vera", Natalya Negoda no longer received serious roles, but the audience remembered very well. How was the life of the actress, tells Joinfo.

Photo: still from the film "Little Vera", video YouTube / RVISION: Soviet films

Natalia, the daughter of an actor and director, in her early years dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But when her mother brought her to the ballet school, the commission found the girl too tight, so Natasha was not accepted. In a secondary school she did not like, and later the actress almost did not recall those years. Having already graduated from an educational institution, Negoda became interested in studying at a theater school. The first competition was a failure, but at the second attempt Natalya entered the Moscow Art Theater School at the course of Oleg Yefremov. There she not only began her acting career, but also met her first love - the son of a leader, Mikhail Efremov. Began a novel.

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Still from the film "Tomorrow was the war" (1987), video YouTube / RVISION: Soviet films

When Negoda received the long-awaited diploma, she literally began going to theaters in the hope of a role - but she was constantly rejected. One day she got a place in the troupe of the Moscow Youth Theater. After working there for two years, Natalya realized that she had outgrown the children's theater with its meager repertoire. In 1985-87, she starred in the films "Tomorrow Was the War" and "Self-Portrait of the Unknown", but the audience did not remember the roles. Nevertheless, the actress decided to continue her film career, leaving the theater.

Still from the film "Dark Nights in the City of Sochi" (1989), video YouTube / Taras Petrenko

Vasily Pichul, the director of the famous film "Little Vera" saw in this role Irina Apeksimova or Yana Poplavskaya, but both actresses refused. Natalia Negoda came to audition, she didn't really like the script, and she was not eager to play. Nevertheless, it was in Scorn that the director saw that very provincial woman who was somewhat indifferent to the world around her. And Natalia got the role that became the most famous in her career. Negoda was the first of the USSR actresses to agree to a nude shooting and even a bed scene on the screen. Later, Pichul called her a great actress and the nerve that drew the film, and the main character will be awarded more than once by the jury of international festivals and awards.

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Still from the film “Self-portrait of an Unknown Man (1988), video YouTube / RVISION: Soviet films

Natalia began to actively invite to the United States. She became not only the first Soviet actress, but also the first Soviet woman to appear on the cover of an American Playboy with the title: “From Russia with Love. The first Soviet sex star, ”they even dedicated a separate article and a photo session to her. Negoda left for the USA. There were rumors that she had married an emigrant, but Natalya denied them, saying that she went to America to work, and her husband was an ordinary Muscovite whom no one knew. Married in the USA, Negoda lived for 13 years, after which she and her husband divorced.

In America, Negoda starred in four films, which also did not bring much success. But according to the actress herself, she is grateful to fate for the "American years", because at that time in Russia there were difficult "90s", which became a very difficult time for the actors: some traded their own things, others cleaned the houses of new Russians.

Still from the film "Tambourine, drum" (2009), video YouTube / ARTSAVArt

In 2009, having already returned to Russia, Negoda starred in the film Tambourine, Drum, which was highly praised by critics and collected various awards. Natalya won the Golden Eagle and White Elephant awards for Best Actress. Now the actress is not filming, but says that she is ready to consider interesting scenarios. She does not go to "parties", considering them boring. The actress does not talk about her personal life, saying only that there are people “who I want to protect” nearby.

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