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How COVID-19 Symptoms Affect Subsequent Disease Immunity


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“A British study by King’s College London and market research company Ipsos MORI on Tuesday 27 October found that people with asymptomatic COVID-19 are more likely to lose antibodies faster than those who show symptoms of the novel coronavirus.” , - writes InoPressa.

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“From June 20 to September 28, both organizations tracked 350 randomly selected people in England who were regularly tested at home to see if they had antibodies to COVID-19,” the article says. “During this period, the proportion of people who tested positive for antibodies to COVID-19 decreased by 26,5%”, (…) , the official statement explains, “which suggests a decrease in antibody levels several weeks or months after infection.”

“The results also suggest that people who have not shown symptoms associated with COVID-19 are likely to have detectable antibodies disappear faster than those who have had symptoms,” the report says. “The proportion of antibodies in people who tested positive for coronavirus decreased by 22,3% in three months, while this decrease reached 64% in those who did not declare their infection with COVID-19.”

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“The study highlights that although this decline affects all age groups, older people are more affected: from June to September, the proportion of people over 75 with antibodies decreased by 39%, while among 18-24 year olds it fell by only 14,9%, ”the publication quotes.

“This study is an important piece of research that is helping us understand how COVID-19 antibodies develop over time,” said Secretary of State for Health James Bethell.

However, said King's College London and Ipsos MORI, “It is not yet known whether antibodies provide an effective level of immunity; and if such immunity exists, how long will it last” and called on the British in their official statement to continue to comply with health regulations.

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