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How sisters from Ukraine aged under 40 became successful models and singers in the USA



The twins Ulyana and Natalya not only sing beautifully, but also realize themselves as models. Sisters come from Ivano-Frankivsk region. For more than ten years they have been living in Chicago, where they made a successful career.


They came to the modeling business of chance, says Natalia for This was never thought of, but after moving to America, their aunt advised them to start a modeling career.

“You look so good, you have to become models,” the sisters say. - We thought differently. Which are our models? Models in Ukraine are very high growth. And we have sixty meters. "

Nevertheless, Aunt Maria herself sent to several modeling agencies their portfolio, which the girls made for a musical career in Ukraine. They started going to the castings.

According to Ulyana, in the USA the modeling business is formed in such a way that you have to be able to do everything. You can sing, dance, master acting. In agencies, they were measured with an inch tape, asked to walk, but the girls were skeptical about all this and did not tune in to a career in this area. Nevertheless, it all started there - they began to be noticed, invited to photo shoots and projects. The girls starred in clothing advertisements, local business projects, and fashion shows. They learned to walk the catwalk, the stage experience helped a lot.

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Now the sisters are about 40 years old, but they look maximum on 25. When asked how they do it, Uliana replies that friends from Ukraine constantly ask them about the same thing: how they managed to preserve the same shining look, like many years ago.

“We look after ourselves very much. We never go to bed with makeup. No matter how late we return home, no matter how tired we are, we always wash off the makeup from our face, - says Ulyana. - Sleep is very important. I like to sleep 9 hours, although not always succeed. When you sleep, your skin rests. And also a healthy diet: we do not eat meat, do not drink a lot of alcohol, do not smoke, we have always tried to lead a healthy, home lifestyle. We need to eat more vegetables, fruits, a lot of greens ”.

According to Natalia, the internal state is also important. If a person is happy, in harmony with himself, then the energy of happiness and self-sufficiency comes from him. The main thing is how you feel.

“If you feel like you’re 25, you put your energy into it,” she says. - And further. It's important to do what you want to do. This makes a person happy. I recommend monitoring your emotions: if you are unhappy with something, it’s some kind of grimace, unpleasant facial expressions. This is repulsive. Let there be wrinkles on your face from smiles, but you will look happy. It attracts people. ”

The girls say that they often had problems due to an open and trusting nature.

“Sometimes talented people do not know how to make their way in life, do not know how to cheat. And in show business, sometimes you have to be mean and assertive, be able to turn around. Among creative people, someone is given, and someone is not. Ulyana and I don't know how to cheat. But we are persistent and stubborn, ”says Natalia.

When asked if they like the fans' attention, Natalia replies:

“When it's healthy attention, you like it. If people start persecuting you when they are mentally ill, then it is already dangerous. There is a category of people who are trying to live the life of famous actors and singers. They constantly follow them, write comments, do not miss a single concert. I have nothing against such people, because they are fans, they must be respected, but when there is something unhealthy, when they start to follow you, it's scary. Then you have to contact the police. We had such a case ”.

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“Healthy attention is okay because you are a singer and you should be. We don't ignore our fans. If you don't want to go out to them after the concert, give them an autograph, take a picture, you don't respect them. In America, stars respect their fans, and our stars sometimes dismiss it. They have more pride. The USA loves their fans. We, too. But everything must be within the framework. "

“We have always had responsibility for our name. They could not afford a lot. Even to drink alcohol or go somewhere, like all girls. We can't even go to the store without make-up, they will say: “Oh, you somehow don't look that way”, ”Ulyana shares.

Natalia tells how sisters began to learn in the USA and Ukraine.

“I remember the first time we came to the concert - and there was a queue. Photographed. And the next day, Ulyana and I went to the store. Dressed very simply. We walk around the store - and there is such a dead silence. I look around, and everyone is looking at us. It was in America. And in Ukraine I went to a pharmacy, and the pharmacist says: "You are so small, but you look tall on TV." It's a little difficult when you are constantly recognized. "

According to the girls, they are often envied by the fair sex.

“We always feel envy. Sometimes we worry, sometimes it can be friends or girlfriends. There are people who respect us, appreciate, love, and there are women who will not be so. Even if her husband did not look at us that way, or we did not wear such heels, or the skirt is short, - the sisters say. - Once, during a concert, a woman covered the man's eyes with her palm so that he would not look at us. We were not invited to festivals for a long time. I couldn't understand why. It turns out that the woman of a certain organizer was jealous because her husband took a lot of photos with us. This is a little shocking. I laughed for a long time when I heard this. But women are women. ”

The author of the article asked the sisters how much the beauty of a woman depends on the content of her wallet.

“Of course it depends. Looking good costs money. On the other hand, if a woman is beautiful, then whatever she wears on herself, she will always look beautiful. If she has inner beauty, energy, it will decorate her, - says Natalya. - And at the same time, if you have money, you can buy good clothes, go for a manicure, pedicure, and get your hair done. It is just as important for a woman to feel like a woman. Now the fashion is for some kind of artificial beauty. But it's very personal, who likes what. "

“It seems to me that the ideal does not exist. This is very relative, - Natalia admits. - Every man has his own ideal of a woman. Nothing is perfect in nature. One American woman once told me that I am a superwoman because I look good, I can do everything, like all Ukrainian women. But for some it is super, but for some it is not.

And finally, the sisters were asked about the fear of age.

“Once I was afraid,” says Natalya. - When we were 20-25 years old, I was very afraid of the number 30, I thought what would happen to me. But nothing happened - as it was, it remains. Age comes very gradually, we psychologically get used to it. "

“Once I thought that at 40 I would already be an old aunt. Now I look at myself and don't see my old aunt. Age is only a number, a number. I'm not afraid of old age, because at any age you can look beautiful. One must be able to grow old beautifully, in harmony with oneself. Then at 40 you will be beautiful and happy, and at 50, says one of the sisters. - In America, at the age of 40, they only get married for the first time. Here people under 30 are still studying. Then they start to make a career, go on dates. At 40, they made some money and started getting married. Nobody will say that you are old and you no longer need something. And you have to live so that when you are 80, you sit somewhere in a nursing home or at home, watch TV and think: "My God, I lived this life so that wow!"

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