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How a family of four to eat at $ 15 per day: instruction


Source: The Daily Mail

Is it possible to reduce your budget for the purchase of products several times? A planning expert says that it’s quite realistic to feed a family of two adults and two teenagers for 15 dollars a day.

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Yes, buying groceries in supermarkets for the whole family is very expensive. But Nikki Storey from Townsville talks about the tricks he uses in stores to really save money. The Daily Mail.

If the family does not have special needs for food, for example, a special diet, it is quite possible, according to Nikki, to reduce the cost of food to 200 dollars in two weeks. The key to savings she calls careful planning of your costs, including each purchase in the store, on the market or in the supermarket. If you plan in advance everything that you are going to buy there, even before you leave home, it will be much easier to save.

A mother of three spends $ 100 a week on groceries, but of course some weeks are more difficult, for example, if someone has a birthday. Then the money is spent on relatively budgetary and relatively healthy homemade treats - for example, homemade pizza, tacos, spaghetti with tasty and healthy additives, roast or grilled vegetables.

Nikki explains that it is necessary to select promotional days in local supermarkets by tracking this information. Often, milk and baked goods are sold out on Sunday afternoons, and the afternoon is a good time to buy meat for the promotion. In addition, she advises choosing supermarkets' own brands without overpaying for well-known brands: nowadays, Nikki says, “know-name” labels often offer even better products than popular brands.

Nikki's key tips:

  1. Always plan your menu in advance and make lists before you go to the store.
  2. Plan a menu “around” the foods you already have in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboard.
  3. Check out the weekly store catalogs and look for special deals.
  4. Use a calculator to make sure that you really save when you are going to buy something on stocks (often discounts force you to spend more on completely unnecessary things and products).
  5. Buy your own brand products in stores where possible.
  6. Buy detergents, toiletries, hair care products and toilet paper in bulk when there are really good discounts.
  7. Check out the nearest low cost stores such as The reject shop for the purchase of toiletries, hair care products and cleaning products.
  8. Use loyalty / cashback cards to accumulate points (you still need to make purchases, so use cards - sooner or later they will collect an amount that will save you money).

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