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How to save when refueling a car in the USA


Source: Consumer Reports

Although gas prices are expected to increase significantly, you can still find ways to pay less.

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“As fuel prices reach perennial highs due to reduced oil production in OPEC countries, Russia and other countries, American motorists may face significantly higher gasoline prices this summer,” says Patrick DeHaan, senior analyst at oil company GasBuddy, web -site and applications for smartphones that help drivers find the best deals.

In some areas, motorists have already faced gas prices of $ 3 or more, and this is not the limit, at least in the short term, says DeHaan.

Today, the average price for regular gasoline is 30 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.

In general, DeHaan predicts that by the end of 2018, it would appear that on average, motorists were laying out additional $ 100 to $ 200 per gasoline compared to last year.

The amount you pay depends, of course, on the gas station where you refuel. And the difference can be significant, says DeHaan. For example, in Long Beach, California, Mobil charges $ 3,79 per gallon of gas. But there is a United Oil station nearby where you pay $ 3,33 for the same amount. This is the difference in 46 cents per gallon.

If you need to fill a minibus at an expensive station, you will end up paying $ 9 more than the other.

There are drivers who unnecessarily buy more expensive premium gasoline for cars intended for conventional fuels, according to an AAA study. Based on current average gasoline prices, middle-class gasoline costs almost 28 cents per gallon more than you pay for regular gasoline.

Premium gasoline costs 53 more per cent, according to AAA, but DeHaan says that in areas like Chicago, you can find premium gasoline at $ 1,20 per gallon more than usual.

How to spend less on gasoline

Use the refill app or website. Gasbuddy, AAA , Fuel finder и Gas guru are among the resources that can help you find lower prices.

“You can also find the best rates at gas stations that are not located on major highways,” says Michael Calkins, AAA manager. "Of course, going around to pay less may not make sense."

Check prices in the different states you visited. Prices can vary considerably, because the state taxes on gasoline are different. DeHaan says he found that for a driver crossing the border from Ohio to Pennsylvania by Interstate 80, for example, gasoline in Pennsylvania can cost 36 cents per gallon more. If you need to fill the minibus tank, you will overpay $ 9.

Think about the best way to pay. Some refills offer a lower price if you pay in cash and not by credit card. The difference between cash and credit cards usually ranges from 10 to 15 cents per gallon, DeHaan says, although the price may differ by a dollar.

Another option is to pay by credit card. While the price of a credit card may be higher than the price when paying in cash, the reward you receive on a credit card may be the best offer.

“It is worth noting that credit card fees can provide greater savings than a petrol credit card from a large oil company (for example, Texaco or Chevron),” says DeHaan. For example, the Visa American Card Awards card returns 3% cash when buying gasoline, including up to $ 2500. A Sunoco Rewards Credit card offers 5 cents per gallon.

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