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How to make a deodorant that absorbs odors for the refrigerator


Source: Furnish home

If a lot of food is stored in the refrigerator, their smells mix up, and as a result it smells not very nice. But there is a solution! You can easily make a deodorant for the refrigerator with your own hands!

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To do this you will need:

1 / 3 a glass of water;
2 cups of baking soda;
10 drops lavender essential oil;
10 Lemon Essential Oil Drops;
Silicone molds.

Place everything in a conventional glass bowl so that all ingredients, especially essential oils, are evenly distributed, writes Furnish home. In the end, you should get a mixture that can be “rolled into balls”, the consistency of the deodorant should be sticky.

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If you could not achieve this consistency, try adding a teaspoon of water and “rolling the balls” again.

Then fill your silicone mold with your mixture and let it dry for 48 hours in the open air (for example, on a glassed-in balcony or windowsill).

Such an option is best suited for use in the refrigerator: take any bowl, put 1-3 tablets into it and place it somewhere in the depths of the refrigerator. You can put two bowls of 1-2 tablets on different shelves.

These pills will work for about two months, then you will need to make a new batch. But every week they will work worse and worse. If you notice that the smells have returned in a month, just change the deodorant to a new one.

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