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How to lose 20 kg in two seconds: a blogger showed amazing tricks with clothes



A popular blogger has clearly demonstrated how body volumes visually change in different clothes, says

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TikTok user Chubbystylish signed up for the app in June 2020 and in just a month and a half, her videos began to collect hundreds of thousands of views. This is because people fell in love with the blogger's “magical” abilities in choosing clothes.

The Chubbystylish trick is to show how you can easily remove extra pounds in a few minutes if they bother you. This will not be helped by diets, not sports, but the most ordinary clothes that need to be correctly selected and combined.

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Tiktokersha plus size clearly demonstrates this in her videos. In the very first frames, Chubbystylish, whose height is 165 centimeters and weighs 73 kilograms, shows the audience an image that emphasizes her roundness.

Then the frame changes - and then you can see the girl in a completely different image. The outfit radically changes her appearance.

Screenshot: chubbystylish / YouTube

Chubbystylish does not stop at one image and shows at least three or four more combinations.

All in order to demonstrate how you can dress completely differently and at the same time hide what you want to hide.

In other words, the girl shows how people of her physique can easily modify their appearance with clothes, rather than grueling diets.

Screenshot: chubbystylish / YouTube

The girl's videos are very popular with different audiences, including Russian. Many, reviewing her content, really consider the tiktoker a sorceress. Others, who do not believe in such magic, nevertheless also praise the girl for her ability to choose the right wardrobe, because such skills really radically change their appearance.

And some do not just praise the blogger, but give her compliments with which they remind how important it is to love your body!

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