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As with the help of one sign, I began to earn more


I want to tell you about one chip that helped me start earning more. This is not about savings, stocks or pyramids. This is more about the laws of the Universe (some prefer the word God, you can insert it yourself in the text instead of the word Universe).


I pick up the coins on the street. Yes, I am not ashamed to do this and not ashamed to admit it to all Instagram. My friend told me about this chip, who noticed this habit behind her wealthy friends.

I was not working at that moment, it was the end of the summer, and all my students took time out of the lessons. I spent my days at the pool in the water park (since the summer ticket was bought for the whole summer), and in principle I didn’t complain, but I wanted new shoes and a dress, to go to the movies and drink a cocktail with my girlfriends.

And I thought - why the hell is not joking ...

On the same day I found a coin at the bus stop, and picked it up. And the next day, as if by magic, a corporate student called me, she came back from vacation and was ready to start classes, and not 2 once a week, but 3!

Further, as I was raising more coins (bills, by the way, were also), my income increased. Pupils wanted to study more, longer, new ones came (and despite the fact that I’m not picking up now, they come to me from friends).

As a result, now I earn exactly 2 times more. Well, I also raised money, and for all the time that I collect coins (and this is almost half a year), I got rich for about 50 hryvnia, plus or minus (that's about 2 $, or a cup of coffee with a croissant).

Moreover, after I told my friend about this feature, she was personally convinced that it works! The principle is something like this: the universe is sending you money, and you have to accept it. If you don’t raise a coin, you’re as if declaring “I don’t need money”, and in fact you will become poorer (by the amount that you have found).

Fasting is a bit like calling a sect. But here you do not need to buy anything to get rich. Just throw off the embarrassment, and start raising money that lies right under your feet.

Well, convinced? Try to start picking up a little thing?

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