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How Russian women taught American women to love


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The article was published last April in weeklyworldnews. In it, Russian women share with American women their life experience of maintaining a happy marriage. We would have such an article titled "How to keep a man." In the original, the title sounds like “Russian Women Reveal How To Keep A Man Happy”, writes blogger Evgenltd-1 in

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I propose to read the article together and reflect on its plausibility. For the content looks more like bikes from the category of bears roaming the streets of Moscow with balalaikas.

Here are just some of the valuable tips for Western women from Russian women. Perhaps they will help them become happy in love and marriage.

1) Stay feminine. Men, especially Russian, courageous and tough. They do not want their women to be stronger or tougher than they are. Stop controlling the man. You can already exercise control, but more gently and warmly. Be affectionate and sexy. This is a wiser approach.

2) Take intimate life in your hands. Men think about sex all the time and always want it - so give it to them, because you want nothing less! But don't wait for a man to ask you - you have to take the lead in bed. He will love you for it and never want to quit!

3) Be a good housewife. Learn how to sew clothes, keep clean and prepare delicious meals for your man. Take care of him, and he will take care of you many times stronger.

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4) Drink a glass of vodka overnight. Drink one glass of vodka with your man every night. It will calm both of you and improve your mood. Russians have long known the power of vodka, which is considered the best aphrodisiac.

5) NEVER cross it. When in a public place, don't say anything that contradicts your man's words. Men hate it when women argue with them in front of others. In public, keep your opinion to yourself, but when you get home, you can tell him what you really think and feel.

6) Set up scandals. From time to time, make a scandal, but without the assault. A good quarrel and shouts at each other will eventually lead you to passionate intercourse in the bedroom.

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7) Show him respect! Russian women are surprised that Westerners lack respect for those they love. If you do not respect him, why are you with him? Respect your man and let him feel it. He will never leave you.

8) Eye contact. When you talk to your man or listen to him, make sure to look into his eyes. This will show him your attention and respect.

9) Flirt with his friends. Russian women love to flirt with men. There is no reason not to do this if you are married or in a relationship. Easy flirting will make your man jealous and keep him in good shape. Needless to say, don't cross the line, but you can flirt. It's fun.

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10) Stop whining! Western women always whine, moan, complain. Stop it! He is tired of listening to your complaints.

11) ALWAYS dress seductively. Men are visually oriented and your man wants you to look desirable to him. Even if you have to wear high heels, just go out for bread and it will make him happy - wear heels. Be sexy to him at all times. And always stay in great shape!

12) Be strong inside and out. This may seem counterintuitive to advice number 1, but you must be both soft and strong. Men hate weak women. You must be strong physically and emotionally. Do exercises and develop stamina, harden psychologically. Men will love you for it.

Do you agree with these tips?

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