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How does a Russian pensioner earn on her blog



Like Granny: The artist Olga Agalakova has shared her hobbies, work and photos on her personal social network page for many years. And by the time of retirement I learned how to monetize your blog using blockchain technology. She spoke about her unusual pension increase.


When meeting myself, I usually say this: I, Olga Agalakova, are an optimist artist born in Vyatka, who left home and heart in Karelia and settled down for eternal life in heavenly Sochi. Handyman, nanny and teacher of various children, the frog traveler and just a man who loves life and has not forgotten how to be surprised. My beautiful dull fate taught me how to survive in this world. I'll tell you how I already do it in retirement.

In May of this year, I turned 55 years old, and since September I started receiving benefits from the state.

I have very unusual relations with our state, I am not accustomed to counting on it, I always twist myself and am satisfied with what it is able to give me.

I have four children - three sons and a daughter. The fourth child was born when I was 24 of the year. They were welcome and loved, of course. But it turned out that our state is not very much in need of its new members. Therefore, every month an old grandfather from the post office brought us to our apartment - attention - 4 rubles. Ta-dam!

I raised the children myself, respectively, first with my husband, and then alone - the family boat crashed about life. Yet it is quite a big load - 4 children in times of restructuring, revolution and default.

I am a hardened person, so when I was told that the pension would be seven thousand with a hook, I was not upset, but was delighted. Well, now I have a small "hurt".

Pension supplement

The fact is that at the time of receiving the pension, I had already found myself a source of extraction of additional funds for existence. One of my sons literally made me register in a social network for bloggers, built on the blockchain technology, with paying in cryptocurrency for posts, comments and likes to other people's posts. Since he knew about my eternal desire to share curious.

So now I’m doing what I’ve been doing for the last ten years for free — I’ve been blogging — and I’m getting real money for it. Without any investment or endless harassment of friends, so that they join some dubious network business.

By the way, for the first time I was transferred a pension immediately for all the time it took to get one, which is four months. In the end, I bought a normal computer for my work as a blogger.

How everything is arranged there, I do not fully understand, but this does not prevent me from earning. For example, I do not know how the refrigerator is arranged, but I am able to open the door, put my fruits and vegetables there and then get them when needed. If you imagine this platform as a refrigerator, then I take out “fruit-vegetables” much more than I put it.

If you work hard and not filonit, it brings good money.


There are users who receive up to five thousand rubles for each post. That is, if in rubles to translate. There are other money, crypto-money, conventional units: voices and gold.

The first months, while there was no pension, she took out all her earnings. It turned out for 5 – 6 thousand rubles per month. And since September I have not withdrawn them, I want to save. There is a desire to buy a new camera. I have accumulated approximately 20 000 rubles now.

Son withdraws funds from the site through cryptocurrency exchanges. I am very lucky in this matter. But other pensioners cope with the translation of cryptocurrencies into rubles independently and without problems. There are detailed instructions on how to do this. Sometimes you just need to ask.

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