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How to disassemble a Christmas tree quickly and easily


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The main Christmas decoration is, of course, the tree. The forest beauty pleases us with her aroma and festive outfit. But the holidays are over, and the New Year's beauty must leave our home. How to disassemble the tree quickly and easily, and so that the hostess does not have to start a general cleaning?

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How to disassemble the Christmas tree - 1 tip

Spread around the tree an old sheet or other matter that is not a pity to throw. It protects toys from breaking if they accidentally fall, and protects the floor from crumbling needles.

How to disassemble a Christmas tree - advice 2

Begin the analysis of the Christmas tree below. First of all, free the base of the tree from the "skirt" that covered the crosspiece. Then we begin to shoot the rain and toys. It is better to wrap the beating toys in napkins or newspapers. Do not throw away loose attachments from toys. It is better to put them in a separate bag, they can come in handy next year.

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How to disassemble a Christmas tree - advice 3

Garland remove the last. Be sure to gently reel, stringing the cord on the elbow, and then bandage it with an elastic band or rope. In this way, we protect it from obfuscation.

How to disassemble a Christmas tree - advice 4

Now comes the crucial moment. It is necessary to carefully lay the Christmas tree on the bed sheet in advance, wrap it and take it out of the apartment in such a state.

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How to disassemble a Christmas tree - advice 5

Sweep the floor from spilled needles and rain. If the needles have dug into the carpet or carpet, pour baking soda on them. Now you can vacuum by turning on the device at low speed.

How to disassemble a Christmas tree - advice 6

Next year for the New Year holidays try to put the Christmas tree away from the heating devices and keep it all the time in the water. Thus, the forest beauty will stay longer and there will be fewer loose needles.

Have you already dismantled the Christmas tree? When are you planning?

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