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How to carry out spring spring cleaning in a cosmetic bag: tips of a beauty expert


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Although this spring was unusual, no one has canceled skin care. Spring is the time to go through the cosmetic arsenal and change something in it. Beauty expert Andrzej Savitsky advises what to look for, sorting through the contents of a cosmetic bag. Writes about this Postimees.

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Expired cosmetics place in the bin

It is not easy to decide to throw away your favorite lipstick or mascara that makes your eyelashes irresistible, but using expired cosmetics is like eating spoiled food. In some cases, the expiration date of the cosmetic product has expired is evidenced by a heterogeneous texture and an unpleasant odor, but often it is difficult to notice any changes.

All cosmetic products sold in the European Union must include the “expiration date” or shelf life. If the phrase “expiration date” is clear, then the concept of “shelf life” is somewhat more complicated - it indicates the shelf life of the product after opening the package and is indicated in months. For example, if you see the inscription “12M” on the container with foundation, this means that the product will retain the freshness and the properties promised by the manufacturer within 12 months from the moment you first opened the package.

In most cases, the service life of cosmetics is 12-18 months, but there are exceptions. Particular care should be taken with eyeshadow, mascara and liquid liners, since it is cosmetics that are used in the eye area that often deteriorate after 4-6 months, and their use after the expiration date can lead to irritation and even inflammation of the eyes . The only exception to this rule is eyeliners - they are stored longer due to regular sharpening.

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Wash and sanitize makeup brushes

Always use a brush or sponge when doing light daytime makeup. To apply foundation with fingertips is unhygienic - this way you transfer dirt and germs to the skin, which leads to increased secretion of sebum, clogged pores and pimples. With your fingers, you will bring dirt into powder or foundation, and from there - again - onto the skin.

Especially zealously should approach the washing of brushes and sponges with which you apply foundation and powder - they should be washed at least once a week, because they are most in contact with the skin. Brushes for eyeshadow and blush can be washed a little less often - a couple of times a month. With proper care, the brushes will last you an average of five years. If you neglected washing your inventory, then it's time to update it.

There are a great many options. The stores offer a wide range of shampoos, gels and soaps for washing brushes and even special silicone containers, but the result will be no worse if you wash the brush with room temperature water and neutral soap. But it is better not to wash the brushes with ordinary soap - it will dry them too much. This is especially true for brushes with natural bristles.

They wash the brushes as follows: soak the pile, being careful not to wet the junction of the beam with the handle, since the glue may soften due to water, and then gently massage the bristles with soap foam. Finally, rinse the brush thoroughly, squeeze out the excess water and let it dry on the edge of the table or counter so that the pile hangs from the edge. Do not leave the brush to dry on a towel, as exposure to moisture can cause an unpleasant odor and even mold.

Do not forget to take care not only of the brushes, but also of the cosmetic bag - it should be washed with soap inside and out. If you can’t wash the makeup bag, it’s time to change it.

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Critically approach the contents of the cosmetic bag

Spring is the time to make some changes to the beauty routine. For example, replace a day cream with a cream with a sun protection factor of at least SPF 25, because your skin is not only tired of a long winter, but is also exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight. The foundation can also be replaced - the "summer" foundation should be lighter and a tone darker than the "winter". Do not forget to put a small bottle of antiseptics and a moisturizing hand cream in the cosmetic bag, which will take care of the skin, exhausted by intensive washing and disinfection.

Give preference to cosmetics that combines several functions - and the cosmetic bag will be easier and spend less money. For example, the market offers a wide selection of multifunctional pallets, the contents of which can be used as lipstick, blush and shimmer, as well as eyebrow markers, which also serve as a liner.

Of course, you don’t put skin care products in bottles and jars of full size in the cosmetic bag that you carry with you, so equip it with travel cosmetics in travel format - fortunately, the prices for it are now lower than usual, since no one is traveling. Do not forget to put also cotton pads, tweezers, eyelash curlers and you are ready for spring.

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