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How to extend the life of food: 5 proven methods


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The average family throws about 30% of products purchased per week into the trash. In fact, you burn the money earned with such difficulty. And all because they simply do not know how to store products correctly.

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These five ways are perfect for extending the shelf life of any food, and you'll also save a lot of money this way. Don't panic.

Correct mode

You are probably not using the refrigerator correctly. Eggs should not be stored in the doors, where for some reason they still make a compartment for them. The fact is that it is here that the warmest place in the refrigerator is. It is much better to store eggs on the middle shelf. And one more thing: warm air, according to the laws of physics, always rises upward, including in the refrigerator. This means that the upper shelves are suitable for smoked sausages and other products that will not spoil quickly. Leave milk, cottage cheese, the aforementioned eggs and other perishable foods on the medium shelves.

Vacuum packing machine

Food spoils most quickly when exposed to oxygen. So, vacuum packaging is the best way to extend the life of even perishable products. Previously, gadgets for such packaging were quite expensive, but today everyone can afford to buy a simple vacuum container.

Fish and meat

It should be understood that the meat on the bone can last much longer than the fillet. The freezer, unfortunately, is not an option for too long storage: both meat and fish dehydrate with time in the freezer, after which they cannot be eaten. Under such conditions, meat on bones and fish can be stored for about a month at 2-3.


An elementary and almost unknown way to keep bananas fresh for a long time: just cover the place where the bunch is attached with polyethylene. The banana fruit ripens under the influence of a gas, ethylene. Most of it comes just from the leg of the fetus - by closing it, you will prevent the flow of gas to the main part.


For some reason, most housewives store cheese in plastic packaging or just in a bag. Such a product loses its taste very quickly and dries out. It is much better to wrap the cheese in parchment paper or even aluminum foil. Cheese should be stored in the lower compartments of the refrigerator.

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