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How princes Harry and William divided Princess Diana's jewelry between their wives


Source: Spletnik

The late Princess Diana had one wedding ring, and, as you know, it was inherited by the choice of her eldest son. Prince William's wife Kate Middleton wears a famous diamond jewelery and large sapphire.

It turns out that the wife of another son of the Princess of Wales received as a gift after the wedding an equally valuable jewelry copy, writes Spletnik.

The aquamarine ring, which was noticed on the finger of the Duchess of Sussex in Frogmore House, did not just belong to Princess Diana, but was presented to her in return for a wedding ring.

After the divorce from Prince Charles, Lady Dee could not and did not want to wear her jewelry with sapphire. Therefore, the wife of the diplomat Lucia Flecha de Lima, with whom Diana was friends, bought for her a ring with aquamarine mined in that mine in Brazil, from where aquamarines are delivered for the queen.

At the very beginning of the official tour of the Dukes of Sussex in Australia and Oceania, a jewelry set that also once belonged to Princess Diana came into the lenses of cameras: a gold bracelet and earrings in the shape of butterflies.

Princes William and Harry inherited a rich collection of their mom's jewelry, and their wives now show curiosities to the world.

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