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As princesses give up the throne and money, and ordinary girls get richer



2018 year was rich in scandals in the royal families. British press Prince Harry and his wife Megan received the most attention of the press, but passions were in full swing in other countries: the UAE princess made an escape from the palace, and the king of Malaysia married a rostovchanka. Review of the main sensations of the world of monarchs - in the material "».

Grandma in shock

The main keeper of royal traditions and the oldest living monarch Elizabeth II had to go through a very difficult year, and it was not only hard preparation for Brekzit and the death of his last beloved corgi. For the year, two weddings played at once in the royal family, which Elizabeth II clearly did not approve of.

So, the queen completely ignored the marriage of her second cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten. And it's not just a distant relationship. Cousin Elizabeth II preferred to connect life with a man named James Coyle. 22 September, they played the first gay wedding in the history of the royal family. To the altar, a man dressed in a bright corduroy jacket, like his fiancé, was taken away by his ex-wife Penny. The woman admitted that the acquaintance and relationship of her former spouse with Coyle changed him for the better. Mountbatten himself insisted on the wedding, as his partner was never married.

The only representative of the royal family, to somehow respond to the marriage of Lord Mountbattenna, was Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II. He sent a relative "warm congratulations." By the way, Russian blood flows in the veins of Mountbatten. He is the grandson of Countess Nadezhda Mikhailovna de Torbi, the great-granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I on his father’s side, and on his maternal granddaughter of Alexander Pushkin.

But most of all the queen gave the behavior of the newly-made wife of her beloved grandson, Prince Harry. Even before the announcement of the engagement, his girlfriend, actress Megan Markle, was attacked for too dark skin, American origin and a dark past - she was divorced in her 37 years. Harry personally tried to stop the harassment of the bride in the press, but after that her relatives appeared from nowhere.

The half-sister Samantha Grant, splashing saliva, told everyone that Megan was a hypocrite and only loves herself. The father of the actress also distinguished himself - he made a supposedly random photo session with the paparazzi and sold these photographs to the British tabloids.

After that, his daughter stopped all communication with him, and Thomas publicly declared that he had a heart attack because of grief. As a result, he could not come to the wedding of his daughter, and the prince Charles took her to the altar. The ceremony was attended by mother Markl Doria Ragland.

After the wedding, the British tabloids began to closely monitor the attitude of the queen to the Duchess of Sussex: Elizabeth II then made her remark about the choice of dress, then sent to etiquette courses, then removed the photo with the newlyweds away immediately after the cataract surgery. Megan continued to make one mistake after another: she forgot herself and closed the car door, did not remove the tags from the dress and painted her fingernails in the black color that was hated by the queen.

In December, the attacks on the young family reached unprecedented proportions, and even the announcement that they were waiting for the birth of an heir could not soften them. It was all due to the announcement of Prince Harry of their move from Kensington Palace to the country residence of Frogmore House, away from the elder brother of Prince William and his wife Catherine. A few weeks in the press washed the bones of all participants in the scandal. At first, they explained everything by constant quarrels between the princes' too different wives: demanding Megan allegedly brought Katherine to tears before the wedding, during the fitting of the dress of her daughter, Princess Charlotte. After that, women did not manage to establish a common language, sources said.

Others insisted that it was Prince Harry. As if he was terribly offended that his brother and his wife were engaged in a third pregnancy, Catherine and a newborn son, and not help his bride in adapting to palace life. There were even rumors that because of this, the once inseparable brothers would celebrate Christmas separately. Nevertheless, sources in the palace explain this by saying that Prince William and his wife and young children were not invited to the royal residence for the first time and solely so that their offspring would not spoil the holiday.

A separate reason for the attacks on Megan was her unwillingness to contact her father. In December, Thomas gave another sentimental interview in which he complained that he had not received even a Christmas card from his daughter:

“I have been writing her messages every day for several weeks now, and she ignores me. I can not say exactly why this happens. I love my daughter very much. I would like her to contact me, write me a message or call. She has not spoken to me since the wedding day. ”

Combined with the news that several assistants of Megan - Amy Pericles, Samantha Cohen and Melissa Touebti - resigned one after another, despite the fact that each worked in the palace for years, her image in the tabloids is getting worse and worse every day.

The same sources say that the queen expresses extreme displeasure in connection with the protracted scandal. And who knows what the rebellious duchess will throw out next year? Netizens joke that Elizabeth II will not bear the birth of a black great-grandson in the family. Moreover, Megan is going to have a baby at home and thereby violate another royal tradition.

Kings Can Do Everything

In addition to the wedding of Megan Markl and Prince Harry, two iconic monarch weddings took place in the royal world and those who, at first glance, are not very suitable for them.

Japanese princess Ayako Takamado met NYK Line's 32-year-old manager of the shipping companies Kay Moriya in December of 2017 and fell in love with him almost immediately. They became close because of a common desire to make the world a better place, and also because of common interests: skiing, books, and travel. The feelings of the 28-year-old girl turned out to be mutual, their romance developed rapidly, and in June the couple announced their engagement. The cousin-niece of the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, was fully aware that she would lose her title and be forced to move to her husband's modest apartment from the palace chambers, but all this did not stop her.

At the end of October, the couple played a wedding at the Meiji Temple in Tokyo, the largest sanctuary in the city. The ceremony united the Japanese and European traditions: the bride and groom exchanged rings and drank together from three cups of sake. The bride was dressed and combed in the style of the Heian period (from 794 to 1185 years). She admitted to journalists that she was very happy, and the groom promised that she would do everything to help her adapt to life outside the palace. Emperor Akihito blessed her for a marriage, and from the treasury the young couple received a generous gift - about 107 million yen (approximately 62,8 million rubles).

A completely opposite story happened to the owner of the Miss Moscow 2015 title, Oksana Voevodina. 25-year-old girl received a ticket to the royal life after weddings with the king of malaysia mohammed v kelanthan sultan. November 22 luxury ceremony was held in Moscow region Barvikha. Guests were not served alcohol, and all food was halal. For the sake of marriage with 49-year-old monarch Vojvodina had to convert to Islam.

Muhammad V's past wife came from the royal family, but their marriage lasted only four years: from 2004 to 2008. Therefore, at the time of the meeting with a model from Rostov-on-Don, he was alone for ten years.

It is not yet known whether Vojvodina will become queen, however, even if this happens, not for long: the position of king in Malaysia is elective. The term of government lasts five years, and Muhammad V took the throne in 2016 year. However, even after the expiration of the term, he still remains one of the nine sultans - hereditary rulers of each state of the country. So far, the girl has to be content with the honorary non-inheritable title “Datin”, which is automatically assigned to the wife of any high-ranking Malaysian citizen with honorary titles.

From the golden cage

The daughter of the Emir of Dubai, on the contrary, sought not to remain in the royal family, but to get out of the golden cage. For 32-year-old Sheikhs Latifah bint Mohammed Al Maktoum this was the second escape attempt. The first time she tried to escape from the country in 16 years, but fell on the border. Without any discounts on noble birth - Latif is the daughter of the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum - she was detained for three years, beaten and tortured. Her older sister was even less fortunate. When, in 2000, she fled to the UK, a month later she figured it out, grabbed it and brought the sheikh's agents back to the country. The girl was declared irresponsible and kept locked up; only the medical staff looks after her.

However, this did not weaken Latifa’s determination to escape. On the contrary, the girl decided this time to develop the most sophisticated plan. In 2011, she came across information about a man who managed to leave the UAE unnoticed. They turned out to be the former military intelligence agent of France, Herve Zhobere, who was forced to flee the country after a conflict with the authorities.

The man knocked out the only police boat, ran away from the hotel in a woman's dress over a diving suit and swam an inflatable boat to a friend's yacht, waiting for him in international waters. Then he swam across the Arabian Sea, reached Mumbai and from there reached the homeland.

The girl sent an e-mail to a desperate Frenchman, a correspondence between them. At first, the man did not believe that he was talking to the princess, but in the end, Latif managed to convince him and get a lot of valuable advice. A mediator between them was the teacher of capoeira from Finland Tiina Jauhijainen. She firmly made friends with the princess and occasionally flew to meetings with Jobert, who helped her draw up an escape plan.

Photos: frame YouTube / Free Latifa

In March 2018, Latifa met at breakfast with Yauhiyaynen, changed clothes and put on dark glasses. Then the friends drove to a neighboring country - Oman. There they boarded a prefab inflatable boat and jet ski and 40 kilometers sailed to the yacht on which Jobert was waiting for them. After that, they moved for several days towards the Indian Goa under the American flag. Latifah almost around the clock tried to contact everyone who could help her: human rights activists, reporters and relatives loyal to her, but no one answered.

Apparently, the plan turned out to be imperfect, and when only 50 kilometers remained before the saving coast, a warship swam up to the ship. The armed men boarded and took away the sheikh’s daughter.

Since then, nothing was heard about the girl: Latifa did not appear in public, did not get in touch with friends and Jobert, all her social media accounts were deleted. And only official sources claim that the girl has “everything is fine”.

In late December, for greater persuasiveness, the government news agency even published pictures of Latifa from a meeting with former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson. In the photos, the sheikh smiled, albeit somewhat lost.

Cinderella's Disease

In late October, Norwegian 45-year-old Crown Princess Mette-Marit was stunned by her sad news: doctors diagnosed her as deadly and incurable disease - pulmonary fibrosis. The disease was discovered at an early stage, because the princess loved by the people, who was once a waitress, does not plan to abandon palace affairs.

“My goal is to continue to work and participate in official events for as long as possible,” she said to worried Norwegians.

The diagnosis did not become a special surprise: Mette-Marit never had good health, and also often received various injuries. In 2008, during a visit to Kiev, she fell down the stairs and suffered a concussion. In the same year, an unexpected illness prevented her from making a visit to Chile, and earlier during a trip to Germany she received a severe sunburn. In January, 2018, she complained of dizziness, due to which she had to miss several planned palace events.

Mette-Marit married Crown Prince Haakon in 2001. They met at a music festival in 1990's, while the heir to the throne was not embarrassed that his lover already had a child from her former husband, a drug dealer. The princess quickly won the love of the people and became a constant heroine of publications of various publications.

Doctors say that it is impossible to cure fibrosis, as it is impossible to heal the scars in the lungs caused by the disease. Therefore, doctors try to slow down the development of the Crown Princess's disease and ask her to constantly use an inhaler to relieve symptoms.

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