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How to predict a wedding photo divorce: 8 observations of photographers



Everything that the newlyweds themselves do not realize can be perfectly reflected in the camera lens. It remains only to correctly read the hidden signals in order to understand how long a happy, at first glance, bride and groom will be able to survive in marriage, writes

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Wedding photographers are not just camera contractors. Professionals with rich experience, they spend a great deal of time with the newlyweds, observe them during the first meeting, their behavior and reaction, when the shooting details are discussed, and, finally, the interest and involvement of both in their most important day in life.

The devil, as you know, is in the details, and it is they who are almost immediately noticed by the trained eye of a professional. Without exaggeration, the photographer sees everything: how the guests behave, what each spouse feels. And an experienced contractor can always catch the falsity - in facial expressions, in emotions, in wishes to each other and even in body language. We tell you what these hidden details are and why it is so important to recognize them in time.

Absolute disinterest of one of the newlyweds

A photo shoot has long been one of the essential components of a wedding ritual. Of course, not all of us are photogenic or like to be photographed: some of us are tired of just the thought of the shooting process, and yet at the present time there are almost no couples who would not recognize: it’s still necessary to make several memorable pictures on day X.

“Most grooms and brides understand very well how important a photo shoot is for a partner and willingly support him,” says Rob Greer, a Los Angeles-based photographer, “but not always. Once, the groom hired me to his wedding by phone, and when on the day of the ceremony he introduced me to his bride, she pointed at my camera with her finger and said: “Do not poke me with this damn thing!” It was very rude. They divorced after three months. I think that the willingness to make your partner happy is the basis of a long and full-fledged relationship. This includes taking part in a photo shoot, even if you usually don't like it at all. ”

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Over 20% of guests miss a wedding

Of course, not everyone on the guest list will be able to come to the wedding. But when the “percentage of absenteeism” is not the average 10-15%, but 20-25% - there is reason for serious thought. Alas, this, according to some photographers, is a clear sign that friends and couples do not really believe in the seriousness of the relationship between the bride and groom. So, for example, one of the American photographers says that once he had experience shooting a wedding banquet for 200 people, of which only 60 guests attended the celebration. The newlyweds even asked the photographer if his wife and children would like to have dinner with everyone, because all the bills had already been paid. Soon this couple broke up.

Imitation of feelings in front of the camera

According to professionals, the attempts of one of the newlyweds with gestures and facial expressions to compensate for the camera’s lack of interest from the other is also a very bad sign. Perhaps, before shooting, future spouses looked through hundreds of photos on the Web and present their wedding cards the same as the pictures on their Pinterest mudboards. However, this is not always good, because behind an attempt to copy someone’s poses and facial expressions, the bride and groom risk losing the main guideline of real feelings - sincerity.

“Unfortunately, focusing on their own vision of what kind of photos they want, these couples do not think about the dynamics of their own relationships,” says photographer Gretchen Wakeman, “in such cases, sometimes they just lack natural chemistry and emotional connection. Too much attention is paid to creating the perfect picture for social networks and not to giving the photographer the opportunity to capture the natural expression of feelings. And to see such a lack of communication between spouses is very sad. "

Wedding scandals

Drams and fights at wedding parties, according to professional photographers, are another “distress signal” that fate can send to newlyweds on the day of their marriage. This usually happens in cases when guests without special respect relate to the feelings of the newlyweds and do not believe in their intention to create a strong family.

According to one of the photographers, he had a case when the bride called 10 minutes before the arrival of his assistants, announcing the cancellation of the holiday. It turned out that some guests of the celebration started a fierce fight between themselves, someone went home because of scandals, and to top it all, it became known that a friend of the groom had sex with a bridesmaid, who herself was married. In a word - complete chaos and obscurantism, which says only one thing: your loved ones initially perceived the most important day in your life solely as a reason to take a break. And no more.

Finance Discrepancies

According to the owner of a photo agency in Miami, Carlos Osorio, money is one of the important factors in any relationship, and if future spouses have disagreements on financial matters, the likelihood of a divorce increases significantly.

“I don’t give their names,” says Carlos, “but during the presentation of my work, the bride retired to the restroom, and the groom waited a little and said:“ This wedding will ruin me. Our budget has doubled what was originally planned. ” The couple had a gorgeous wedding - for 150 people. But after only 6 months they divorced. "

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Sarcasm at a photo shoot

According to the Los Angeles photographer Rob Greer, if on the wedding day, the newlyweds let out stinging phrases addressed to each other, argue and quarrel, then, as a rule, this is the beginning of the end.

“I have shot more than 1000 weddings and I know for sure: if the young people swear all day, then the situation will only get worse,” he shares his experience, “some say they’re just joking, but usually there’s every sarcastic joke or sarcastic attack element of truth. The most terrible thing I saw was when the bride blurted out tiringly: "I’m tired of kissing him." That's so easy, but at the same time with a claim. The groom did not say a word then, but I immediately realized: they did not have much time left. ”

Relationships in which only sex reigns

Sexual attraction in a couple, of course, is important, but, alas, this alone is not enough to create a happy family, which is confirmed by numerous examples from practice.

“I remember one wedding of a very young and beautiful couple. They seemed to fit perfectly together. A pronounced sexual attraction reigned between them, and from a professional point of view it was very interesting for me to observe the language of their bodies and how they communicated, ”recalls Mexican photographer Sol Tomargo.“ At the end of the celebration, they asked if I could take pictures of them in an intimate setting. Moreover, in their voice it was not even clear what they want more: that I took them off or to join them. It was a very strange request, and I politely refused. And a year later, these spouses broke up. ”

No communication at the banquet

Usually a wedding party is the newlyweds' favorite part. The stress after the official ceremony is over: you can finally relax and have fun, dance all night and enjoy your new status with might and main. But, alas, as practice shows, this does not always happen.

“If one of the newlyweds communicates with the guests too enthusiastically, while the other spends several hours in a row without his other half, this does not look like a happy relationship. In the case when I shoot the reception and get only a few pictures of the newlyweds together, this is a sure sign that at heart they are absolutely indifferent to their marriage, ”explains photographer Gretchen Wakeman.

A wedding is always the moment of the culmination of feelings towards each other, a turning point dividing your whole life into “before” and “after”. And if on this day you barely spend time together, then there is a problem in priorities - or, even worse, in feelings.

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