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How to store cosmetics


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Every item has an expiration date. We do not think about how long a blanket or lipstick can last. Usually a woman throws cosmetics into the wastebasket in two cases: when she stopped using it a long time ago or the look of the cosmetic product is such that it’s clear right away - it’s time to throw it away. You can extend the life of cosmetics, you just need to use it correctly and follow the storage standards, writes Elle.

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Makeup brushes need to be changed every 1-5 years. The longevity of a given object depends on the pile and on how often you wash and clean them. It is necessary to wash after each use, and it is enough to clean it with a special agent once a month.

Makeup sponges are short-lived - maximum 1 month. They should be washed after each use and inspected regularly. If the sponge is deformed or discolored, throw it away.

Eye products

Cream shadows, as well as blush, are usable for about six months. The structure of the cream structures includes water, which makes them short-lived. After six months, they start to smell bad, and mold can appear.

Eyeliner stored 4-6 months. Eyeliner, if you always keep an eye on how tightly the cap is closed - up to two years, if it is careless - much less.

Mascara will last for 4-6 months. Moreover, if your mascara is in a packed state, then it can lie down longer, after the opening, its life is reduced. Be sure to check the mascara on the structure, color and smell. If something has alerted you - throw it away. Twisting the mascara from the tube is recommended in circular motions so that no bacteria that could harm your eyes gets inside.

Facial Treatments

Liquid and cream bases for the face can last you from 6 to 12 months. The composition of the tonal framework includes water, oil, moisturizing substances that are susceptible to various bacteria. If your tonal base is dry, then it can be stored for up to two years.

Powder, rouge, bronzer have a shelf life of one and a half to two years. If you carefully monitor the purity of your brushes, then all these tools will last you longer. If on any product the cover cracked - get rid.

The proofreader or concealer will serve you 12-18 months. If you find that the product dries up, the smell or texture has changed - leave without regret.

Lip Remedies

Lip gloss should be used in the same way as mascara - twist in circular motions, then it will serve you for a year. If you notice that the gloss has become more dense or the color has changed - then the shelf life has ended.

Lipstick for lips will delight you 18-24 of the month, but on condition that you follow all the rules of its storage: never store lipstick without a cap, remove the top layer with a napkin to prevent the formation of bacteria.

Nail polish

Nail polish lives on average up to one year. After the start of use from the varnish begins to evaporate a number of substances that can change its structure. Always tighten the cap tightly. If you find that the varnish has thickened - throw it away.

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